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Monday, 28 December 2009

Worst make-Up buys for 2009

There's 3 days left for 2009! I made my decision on the worst make up buys I made this year. There are stuff I didn't like but still can make something out of them. These are MY WORST

MAC: Belightful iridescent powder/pressed.
I hate this! It has these chunks of glitter that makes perfect skin look bad.

Rimmel: sexy curves mascara- I Loved the name but hated the mascara! hate what it did to my lashes

Guerlain: khol- Looks fun, great packaging! but didn't like it; it smudges everywhere. I just used it once.

The body shop: sparkle roller ball- I dont know what I was thinking when I purchased this!

What are your worst 2009 make up buys?


Anonymous said...

Ummm I bought the creamy shadow from kraylon kilsh mo 7elo and I bought the creamy shadow from chanel winter collection the colours were great put when you put it ..it doesn't show it's too light .. Umm o the gloss also the colour shows dark brown put when you put it it's just shinny with no colour! foog el 7umra ok . Shokran

Hi Maintenance said...

I hate kryolan ;P .. chanel, maybe you can apply a base under it? like a paint pot from MAC or you can try Estee lauder double wear stay in place shadow cream which comes in diff. colors, apply this under the shadow. It might help bring out the color of your chanel shadow.

Anonymous said...

Thaaanks I'll get them *

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