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Monday, 28 December 2009

Laser at 6aiba clinic

I swore a few months ago that I wouldn't go back and do laser at 6aiba clinic because I got burnt twice there. I posted a pic in a very old post the first time I got burnt.
Anyway I asked around and I didn't know which clinic to switch to so today I just went back to 6aiba.

Their appointment system is go in, get a number and wait or you can go there and get an appointment. I was there by 11.40 and waited. There was 19 infront of me but they have around 10 laser rooms.

well.. I finished at 4 pm :/ but its ok ma warai shai I just hope I don't wake up tomorrow and find myself burnt!


Um Mit3ib said...

go to royal hayat!

Loudina said...

ee 9a7 royal 7ayat wayyyyyed yemde7ouna!

Fairy said...

am loving ur golden polish!!! what is it?

Hi Maintenance said...

Um mit3ib and Loudina- I've heard mixed reviews on royal 7yat! I called them bas changed my mind the very last second ;x ... No burns from yesterday!

Fairy- its a sticker "MINX" you can get it done at me time or bubbles. Me Time: 22598025
Bubbles: 22960929

fairy said...

oh i thought its a polish! am soo in love w it! i live in abu dhabi actually do u kno any place does it here?

Hi Maintenance said...

Fairy- I actually dont know..I searched on the net and didnt find any BUT I just sent an email to the MINX providers in the UK.. Ill get back to you when they answer

Anonymous said...

taiba clinic burnt me too

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