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Sunday, 28 February 2010

I H.A.T.E ..



No matter how hard you try to accessories them and try to make them look pretty :/

Bubbles, Maki (burj Jassim)

To find the best nail salon I had a few nail spas left (Bubbles, Nail polish, Kims) to sum up all the nail posts and start something new (Im thinking of doing hair salons when I finish with all the nail spas) 
Well most people I know go to bubbles and thats where I went yesterday.

 First I don't really like their location its a little far for me. 
Parkings? theres a huge parking so no problem with that. Then when I went inside burj jassim, bubbles was in a corner, da3oos and I didnt like that and still fi construction going on in the mall. The pic below shows what I mean

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Royale Hayat

I just got back from Royale Hayat. I called them earlier today and asked about their laser, they told me to come in and do a patch test to see if I'm allergic to their laser and whether or not it suits me.

First I liked that the parkings were empty.. I parked quickly and got in the main reception girls were all smiling oo they looked happy and welcomed me. They told me the laser is on the 4th floor

Inside the elevator they had a small Tv with their dentist on..

My make up SETS

Its important for every girl to have at least a make up set, They can help her start building her make up collection. They have many colors and are great beacause theyre all in 1 box.

I have a few sets which I'll show you in todays post and let you know why I have each one of them..

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

25/26 Feb

Everyone is already celebrating, shwari3 za7ma, children dressed up in kuwaiti flag everywhere, co-ops and many stores are selling flags and foams and many stuff for national/ liberation day

and heres my take on things you can do at home if your bored or want to do something for the kids 

1) Kuwait flag nails


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

AD: Tom Ford

Im Loving this Tom Ford Ad!!

I love her sunglasses, Tan lines, Hair, His geeky look ..Everything! 

and I went to international optics (plaza salmiya) I checked out the Tom Ford sunglasses but they're nothing like the one in this pic ;(

Monday, 22 February 2010

How To: Choose contact lenses

I've always wondered how fresh look contact lenses can look so natural on some people and so fake on others!

Today the lovely Miss Palomino told me why and it totally makes sense now...

Monday, 15 February 2010


My blog is under a make over/construction because I honestly am hating the way it looks oo the layout.. Fa inshallah by the end of this week everything will get back to normal

BTW did you guys see hishers.com on banat o bas? they're such a cute couple! and I was also so happy that my blog was put on the show!! I had my 2 seconds of fame :P

Saturday, 13 February 2010


This month my favorite product is ....

New Clip: Rihanna- rude boy

Rihannaaaa!!! Shal lyrics???!!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

RIP Alexander Mcqueen

Foundation q- Answered and The Color Wheel

The first way is what most of you guessed. Using a moisturizer with ...

i'm using it with pigments..

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Eskimo Kids- Dietary Supplements

A while back, I read on ba6alah.wordpress.com how omega 3 can improve memory

so I decided to buy my supplements, I chose Eskimo kids (liquid form with tutti-frutti taste)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Vday gift thats better than $100000000

This was a few years ago...

I got a ....


But look how you can make a simple card, more meaningful..

Monday, 8 February 2010


Sephora is like heaven on earth!! Im loving it more and more each time I go!!

After the sale, they re-stocked all their brands, everything has latest collection wether your looking for Cargo, By Terry, Nars, Chanel, Sephora, Dior.. You name it, they have it! you will most likely find everything at sephora avenues

Saturday, 6 February 2010


"Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same. Some people come into our lives and quickly go... Some stay for awhile and embrace our silent dreams."

When I read that first, I thought it was meaningful and poetic. Right now, I can't help but wonder, if that is a definition of how it is, where do I stand?

Avatar, Lorenzo, 360

Yesterday I saw Avatar, its a great movie.. If you still haven't seen it you def should..
Wayid indmajt o I don't mind going to see it again

This is the avatar of the lovely Adam Lambert;

After the movie I went to have lunch at lorenzo, its between lenotre and life with cacao in 360.

Lorenzo is one of my favourite restaurants in kuwait . I usually go there to get their mushroom soup, margarita pizza and their yummy chocolate cheese cake! just thinking about these 3 makes me want to go there again!!

Ams we ordered the usuals; mushroom soup, margarita pizza and chocoalte cheese cake
AND new to the menu is their fillet towers- its 3 steaks with different toppings and koosa with red/yellow/green pepper

Fillet Towers, very nicely presented! always a bonus in my book;

Then for desert, when Im eating there I LOVEEEE the strawberry mufflay aw mulfay (madre shlon its spelt)

Its thin slices of bread 3laihom sugar o y76oon cream cheese aw creama to stick them together o fi slices of strawberry in between (6b3an i made up the ingredients, im not sure of anything other than the strawberries)

Seriously, lorenzo is the BEST

all this; 1 mushroom soup, pizza, fillet towers, strawberry muffley, chocolate cheese cake, coffee , 2 bottles of water was KD20

To make things even better; taw il lails guy that makes a chicken sound 3rftooh bo kisha? e kan y3zf there and it was sooo goood!! oo he plays there every weekend!

I know the pic is not clear, bs hes there in the back!

This was around 6pm if your wondering why its so empty

Valentines gift .. For HER

Get everything mentioned for HIM

but A bigger teddy, a bigger bouquet :P

In addition, you might get a necklace shaped 3la heart aw key
(as in key to my heart) <---- for the guys to get it

Heres what I found in stores:

These necklaces are by Juicy, they're KD23 each.. They're pretty but the flowers look cheap so I suggest replacing those flowers with real roses ;P

B3dain I remembered tiffany have those key necklaces, bs 7safa they're all sold out

They did however have a veryyyy nice ring with ruby and diamonds 3laih 20% discount, it becomes KD1,500 ..7daa 3jeeb i forgot to take a pic. I loved it very very muchh ;x

I found a pic! *takes a deep breath* isn't it gorgeous?????!! You have to see it in person!

ok lets move on... alot of stores are celebrating valentines,one of them is burberrys

Bags, wallets, belts,notebooks (shda3wa notebook KD100+), shirts.. I thought they all looked C h e a p.

and if shes into computers or is in uni, you might want to get her a heart USB from swarovski

anyway end it your way, do something creative, draw her a picture, write her a love letter, think of something! we girls love these sweet stuff

I want to know what was ur fav. v-day gift?? I might post mine ;p

Friday, 5 February 2010

What was I thinking moment

Looking back at old pictures of me I remembered that I used to stick on fake moles lol.

The funny thing was that they would fall off when I'm out and I'd stick them back on again as if nothing happened!

my VS moles;

I was 13-ish at the time madre if i was inspired by marlin or if i wanted to look like a VS model :P

Does anyone else look at old pics and go through the what was I thinking phrase??
what was it about?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

MAC Lillyland- exclusive!

MAC lillyland collection just came to kuwait!! Im so excited about this collection..

Im getting...

For the eyes;

For the Face;

Doesnt the product look super cuteee?? I also liked the cream blushes, might get them

Will be sold in Kuwait MAC stores Tuesday 9th Feb .

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


if you need help this might be handy

TINTED MOISTURIZERS: for those who have perfect skin, just want a little bit of of color and I prefer these over any foundation in the summer

*Keihls has a super sheer light tinted moisturizer

*laura mercier is a little heavier than keihls. it also dries very quickly (comes in oil free too)


LIGHT COVERAGE FOUNDATIONS: great to just even out skin tone, hide redness etc .. looks like second skin

*by terry (my fav. light coverage)- comes with a brush applicator, blends in perfectly, even if you touch it you cant feel that your wearing anything.. only problem with this is there isn't enough shades for everyone

by terry brush and swatch

*Chanel- I tried the vita lumiere which is best for dry skin.. its very light and liquidy, cant compare it right now because I got the wrong shade and gave it away

*Dior nude- has the exact same texture as the chanel

*Armani silk- is a little creamier than the rest, you can feel the foundation on your skin

Armani vs by terry swatch

MEDIUM COVERAGE FOUNDATION: for those who have acne scars, dark spots and some acne

I love these they're buildable and creamy (use with a mac 187 brush)

*Estee lauder double wear with SPF - dont love the bottle that much, but is my fave from these

*Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + - i love the squeeze bottle, this is my pick for oily skin, has mattifiying properties

*Bobbi brown moisture rich foundation with SPF- great for winter, I hate how messy this can get because it doesn't have a pump applicator, you just pour it in your hands/ sponge

HEAVY COVERAGE: (Which I hate because it shows your face is covered with makeup but looks good in photos)

These 3 are very thick and creamy, more like a concealer foundation. They all have the same texture in my opinion (used with a sponge, wet sponge for move coverage)





Photo makeup

Anything that doesn't have SPF(eg. Estee lauder/ bobbi brown) or any glow stuff usually labeled as illumining and MAC MSFs ..all these things are not flash friendly and can make your foundation not look great in pictures (usually makes ur face look white/grey in pics)

Just like the mothee3a arwa from a5ir mn y3lam (if you saw her ams with 7aleema it was also obvious)

or on a7laam in this pic


To choose the right foundation, know ur skin type, and what kind of coverage you want.
when you go to the store, get 3 shades of the foundation tested/ swatched on your face
the one that looks like is not there is the shade you should get.

I prefer leaving the shade I plan on buying and going home to see if i like it because sometimes the lightning might make the foundation look different , the shade might change after a few hours, foundation might settle in pores after a few hours.. etc etc etc


*What foundation do you love? and what category does it fall into(light/medium/heavy)? and whats ur skin type

- my skin changes with the weather; from super dry to very oily

**I noticed if you absolutely hate MAC, your fav brand will be Bobbi brown :P

Monday, 1 February 2010

Life with Cacao

I finally went there!!

complementary ice-cream

great service, loved the atmosphere, ga3dita twanis.. deserts were well decorated bs taste is average (got cookie fondant and tiramisu cake)

Foundation Q.

lets test ur make up knowledge!! I might turn this into a contest ...

So the Question is...

If your out of foundation, and cant go out without it, what would you use intead? what products can you mix to get foundation? and you don't have time to buy a new one ;p abii details! type, color anything and everything u would use!!

Ill post my answer in a week
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