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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Royale Hayat

I just got back from Royale Hayat. I called them earlier today and asked about their laser, they told me to come in and do a patch test to see if I'm allergic to their laser and whether or not it suits me.

First I liked that the parkings were empty.. I parked quickly and got in the main reception girls were all smiling oo they looked happy and welcomed me. They told me the laser is on the 4th floor

Inside the elevator they had a small Tv with their dentist on..

4th floor was very quiet I was the only person there.. I waited a few seconds till they gave me the papers that you need to fill out (your name etc) and when the girls came for their appointments they went in to do laser

I did a patch test on the back of both of my arms and within 2 days if everything goes well I can book in an appointment ... SO If everything goes well and I go there, I'll let you know what I think

oh yea and something really cool about royale hayat is that you can book your appointments online ;p check out their website royale hayat

PS- Ive never tried their laser before, awal mara ashofa she told me its called V something.. I will ask again next time but with this laser.. you shave the area 2 days before you go there

PSS- Last month I did laser at Inaya clinic (the dermatology place I go to) their Laser no3a ILP and its soooo painfullll; the worst I tried ili I told the nurse in the middle of the process to stop and I left

al7en I want to go do my nails.. whats dark red/ maroony shade do you girls recommend??


Anonymous said...

does the royal hayat laser hurt too?
and pricess?

Anonymous said...

Heeey ,,,
Long time since I last commented. You know all of my friends do there laser in Royal Hayat and there happy with it. I'm not a laser person so I don't know.

But for nails I'll be happy to give you a list of colors ;p

1.Essie "Berry Hard" (very dark bordeaux)

2.Essie "Poor Li'l Rich Girl" (bain il Berry hard and Bordeaux)

3.Essie "Bordeaux"

4.OPI "Chick Flick Cherry" (redish, brownish bs not very dark)

5.OPI "Malaga Wine" (dark red)

6.OPI "Got The Blues For Red" (deep dark red )

7.OPI "Mrs. O'leary's BBQ" (Maroon)

8.OPI "Marooned On The Magnificent Mile" (light brown pinkish maroon)

9.OPI "We'll Always Have Paris" (very deep and dark maroon)

I guess these are enough ;p enjoy your manicure ;p

PS. When are you going to try there Spa ? I'm waiting for your review ;p

AO ;*

Zabo0o6a said...

You shud try Essie "Wicked" !

Hi Maintenance said...

anonymous- no the laser is ok .. prices ill write about in a few days when I go there to get everything done ;D

AO- I KNOWW! .. so far royale hayat seems good.. inshallah I stay with them ;/

I knew ur the one to ask :P Thank you!!;*** .. I will try their spa this month It better be good :P

Hi Maintenance said...

zabo0o6a- I got them done already :P will post tomorooo but thanks for ur suggestion ;*

Anonymous said...

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