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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Beauty Randoms

I just got back from a facial at Inaya clininc- Its so good they started by steaming my face and removing my blackheads then she did a quick diamond microdermabrasion, after that she put a "gold mask" and ended it with face oil and a face massage- feels great and my skin feels nice and soft again :) 

After the facial I went and got my brows done at laila harmoney, Sawphna just came back.. (I do love shining at Gol Dior bs 9aratli salfa with the hair staff and I dont want to go there again)

anyway look how nice she is she got me a soqa ;P

I also want to get these beauty items...

#1 YSL glossy touche- It was a limited item and sold out everywhere now ;(

#2 The body shop vitamin C powder (still not available in kuwait)

#3 chanel nail polish (not sure if its available in kuwait now)

And non beauty related items .. I wish I could get this gorgeous Fendi bed

Facial at Inaya: KD 50
eyebrow threading: KD3
Fendi bed: 7,000 without the matress at Fendi Casa- Altilal complex, Shwaikh

Friday, 23 July 2010

Casa Spa

Ever since I tried Queen nails, I have not given any other home service a try- the experience was HORRIFIC

But this time I got a voucher from Spoil me Boutique (after purchasing the lovely black dress) worth KD20 so I said why not? Ive got nothing to loose

The gift certificate came with an apple and a candle and everything like the pic above and I started getting flashbacks of how well Queen nails presentation and decorations were but how bad the service was :x

anyway I called and booked an appointment for today at 3pm

Casa spa came 5 mins earlier to set up the place..

Candles? Check.. Hot drink? Check..

Great nail color selection? Check

Relaxing music? Check

Apple? Check ;x

now the important part...


She started with putting anti-bacterial products in the water..

cut and shaped my nails

and then used this scrub which had sesame seeds in it

then wrapped my hand and feet with a hot towel

Then put charcoal and milk to soften

covered it with plastic and covered my leg with cling film..

and then a hot stone massage

she then applied my chosen nail polish

and then it was time to leave ;(

My therapist:

Finished nails: nail color- Essie chinchilli

Toe nails- Essie haute as hello

It was really nice and well done.. my nail shape is better, skin is whiter and softer
 Lyn knows what she was doing and I might get her to do my nails again..

The treatment I did was the Asian Fusion
its worth KD 25 ( I added KD5 to the voucher).. Im not sure Id do the exact treatment again, china KD25 wayid..

But anyway regular mani and pedi with scrub is for KD 12

Casa spa also offer tanning services, body massages, moroccan baths

the process took 2 Hours

Im impressed :D me like :)

* everything done was done to my hands and feet

To book an appointment with casa spa call : 66889233
or visit their website

Glow in the dark hair pins

I went over to "Stars" house, my friend whos really good in hair remember her? she once did a straight hair post

 I saw Glow in the dark pins in her room and took one ahahaha ;p

They come in green and yellow

or blue and red

I took the blue and red, Im not showing the pins because she said they're disposable and only glow for a few hours.. you have to bend the pins to activate it and get it glowing

Sad news is that she doesnt remember where she got them from, so if you've seen them please let me know where from in the comment box :D


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Get Your beauty sleep!

I know we all want to get atleast 8 hours of sleep without getting disturbed. Many of us find it hard to sleep with the following reasons:

#1 Hubby snoring

#2 Annoying neighbours

#3 Mom talks on the phone near your room

#4 Dogs barking/ birds tweeting

#5 Someone watching TV

#6 Workers!!

#7 Sis alarm, mobile ringing etc

Which of the reason apply to you?? Im nearly all!!

For the past 2 days Ive been wearing my ear plugs and sleeping as long as I want

whats diffrent with these plugs is that you can re-shape them to perfectly fit your ear

you too, can get your 8h + of sleep for just KD0.750  from any pharmacy

Friday, 16 July 2010

Bassam Fattouh makeup

So I got a call from rawda co-op telling me they have Bassam Fattouhs makeup and I went there as soon as I could to check out his line...Yes, Im a BIG Fattouh fan!! :D

First the sales woman showed me 5 shadows they're supposed to be 6  but she couldn't find the 6th tester ..
The colors are pink, nude (as a higlighter) gold, black and brownie purple and a khaki whichis not in the pic below

illuminators... Im not so crazy about these.. mmm it comes in pinki/ purlpe, a bronze and a gold

5 lipglosses a pink a red, a nude, a brown, golden and a clear..\

3 blushes (bronze, light pink, a darker pink)

brow pencil and black eyeliner, the black eyeliner is really bad it smudges .. me no likey :]~

I didnt take pictures of the mascara, concealer (just 1 shade) and translunent powder..

but heres what I got and what I thought :D

the illuminatior madre makan 3ajbni wayed but im gona play around with it and see how it should be used..

I also got one of his powder foundation.. bad side is that it only comes in 3 shades.. im trying out the medium one

haifas lips!! When I swatched the color I remembered which picture she had this on, ili shes sitting on a swing!! its so pretty I think its close to MAC brave bs mali 5lg I look for my brave lipstick to see if they're similar.. I think they are very similar anyway

on the left is a swatch of haifas lipglass on its own o on the right haifas lipstick covered with haifa lipgloss

I also got the red lipliner

that matches the red lipstick.. Guess what this gorgeous lipstick is called???

Yup, rouge Q8!! :D I think the lipstick is named so cuz we kuwaiti girls love red lips and glam, this is for us!! :P

the eyeshadows are TO DIEE FOR! 9ij ina they only come in 6 colors but the thing I loved was the colors are gorgeous! and they glide on easily, they feel like velvet! If your not that good in makeup, these are a must have! they blend so easily! I havent seen anything like this and I hope he makes more colors! Im getting them ALL but this tme I just got...

basic brown, kaki and dehab

basic brown is more of a purple brown its lovelyyy

 Kaki (the one in the middle ) you know which video haifa had it on?? Yabn il 7alaaal... it has a black undertone to it so its not like GREEN .. No. Try it with a black base

and dahab (left) I think if a perfect summery golden color

The lip mousse is the same color as haifas lips but its a mousse.. Its actually the haifa lipstick chopped up and put into a small container


illuminator KD 16.250
powder Foundation KD 15.000
lipstick KD 8.000
lipliner KD6.500
lipgloss KD7.750
Eyeshadow KD 8.500
mousse lipstick KD 8.000

To sum it up, Yes his products are a little bit expensive compared to other lines but I guess its worth it!
 I loved the shadows the most and then the lipsticks :D  Bassams make up is available in Rawda Co-op, Vava Voom and debenhams 
 this line will be for sale forever y3ni its not limmeted you dont need to rush out and get everything ;p
it will be for sale and on display on the 19th of this month
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