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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Betty Boop salon

Today I was looking for a salon to just blowdry my hair- nothing special, shay 3adi for everyday

In the morning I called katha salon o no one was picking up the phone, so I went

I went to beautique klha full.. moss busy even though I dont really like them, my friend recomended rondevous but they girl she told me about wasnt there, so I asked on twtter wla ashof my friend in her car jdami!!:P

I called her o she wasn going to a salon too so she parked 3nd il bank o she told me she wanted to go to betty boop o so e went

this was my first time there even though ALOT of people recommend it, but I just didnt know where exactly it was located bs this time I had a guide with me..

my friend got her brows done while I got my hair blow dried

the place looks really cool its not in a 3mara its on its one and looks so cute like a gift shop

They have an offer for summer which includes getting a mani pedi/ 7amam zait/ blowdry all for just KD20

Ill be trying it next time

This is whats included in the package (7mam zait) its a fresh mask made of fruits, vegetables, oils, honey, butter and much more and is specified to target dry damaged hair (like mine)

my hair after blow dry:

I actually loved betty boop! the location is great, the place looks great and their work is amazing PLUS I didnt need an appointment o the price was great! I payed KD8 coz my hair is long
Ill deffinatly be going there again!!

If you want to give betty boop a try, they are located in Jabriya 25356064

and mariam did my hair :)


Bibi said...

It's located in jabriya :/

Hi Maintenance said...

Bibi- HAHA Sorry t5rba6t coz I was talking to someone about a gym (trimclum) and its in salwa chan aktb here salwa!! haha sorry! its fixed!! yes its in jabriya :X

Lulu said...

ur hair looks amazing ur sabgha naarrr. if i dye my hair abi chethe

Her said...

that looks so nice can u plz tell me wher it is bel jabria exactly ? I'm always searching for salons and didnt find one that is perfect in everything :/
thanks for sharing dear

Hi Maintenance said...

Lulu- afa 3laich ill take u to the salon ysbqon sha3rich a7la mn chthy b3d ;**

Her- mako salon perfect for everything!! :P betty boop was really good (so far).. laffat 9alon mos 5lai mos 3la ymeinich o go seeeeda lai a5r il share3 9ob fudrokers.. b3dain yamma m6m il7reif o health stop its in between .. ;x its easy to fimd btw :P

ولاّدة said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ولاّدة said...

I will be trying it tomorrow
took an appointment already

Hi Maintenance said...

um dhari- Ur the old om dhari?? I was wondering where u disapeared!! i hope u like it tooo :D I just went there again yesterday

Zabo0o6a said...

I used to go there all the time to get my hair done with nazi or nawal but their prices began rocketing sky high, sum week i did this hair do for 25 then after two weeks I did the samething they charged me 40 :/
It's been a year since I boycotted them , you think they reduced their priices?

Hi Maintenance said...

Zabo0o6a- Wallah madre but whenever I go they ask me, how much did u pay last time?
+ nawal no longer works there

Zabo0o6a said...

Nawal 6la3at and Saba7 6la3at 3ayal mino bega :/

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