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Sunday, 29 August 2010

OPI swiss collection - Fall '10

I think Im getting..

Color so hot it berns:

Diva of Geneva

and Ski teal we drop:

To veiw swatchs of the whole collection, click here

OPI swiss collection is now available at Me Time Nail Spa- Avenues

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Simple hair style

What do you think of this hairstyle?

remember "star" who did an old post on how to straighten hair??

well here's her take on a 5 second hairstyle,
 that can be useful when your out from morning and want to update your look for the evening.

tie your hair back with a hair bubble

part hair with your finger( scalp/ bubble part)

Flip hair inside

 and voila

Easy? I thought sooo!!

Friday, 27 August 2010

eye brow tattoo

I sometimes like the look of tattood eyebrows..
heres how to get the look withought going under the needle ;)

Step 1:
get a small amout of kryolan plastic, rub between your fingers until it warms up and spread on your brows

Step 2:
go over the paste on your brows and cover your eye lid with concealor

step 3:
go over your brows with compact powder to make it easier to draw your "new brows"

Step 4:
put on your eyeshadow

Step 5:
draw in brows with MUFE waterproof eyebrow tattoo

Step 6 :
highlight your browbone and the results should look something likeee...

-Thanks Bibi ;*


I finaallly figured out how to add a contact me page to my blog!!

I think its important to have a contact me page because Blogging is all about connecting with readers

 So send me whats on your mind!
  • Suggestions on things you'd like to see on the blog

  • Products or salons you want to tell me about

  • Something you tried after reading about it on this blog

  • Tips

It can be ANYTHING!! I want to hear from you :D 

Contact me form is on the right hand side of my blog -=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=->>>

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

FINALLY! Got my Paradoxal

Look what I found today at the Co-op!!

Chanel Paradoxal!! I heard it sold out in selfridges within 3 hours! That nail polish was on my wish list

The color is so unusual!! its purplish/ brown/ grey

maybe this swatch from the net is clearer

and FINALLY, I received on of my make up packages today :D

I got more of my favourite lashes by girls aloud.. They might look over, but their VERY natural on

and more of my fav. lipstick at the moment by Jemma Kidd

I also got this Jemma Kidd eye and lip gloss..
Im gona use it for a messy/ smokey glossy eye (Ke$ha style)
This eye and lip gloss is non sticky at all, I just tried it on my eyes now..
doesn't feel like I have any gloss on

Chanel paradoxel at any chanel counter in Kuwait: KD 9
 rest of items I purchased off asos.com

Sunday, 22 August 2010

ASAP Kuwait

ASAP is a home service salon I heard about on twitter..

After the great experience with casa spa I decided to also give ASAP a try

I recently called them and got an appointment on the same day

now lets compare CASA with ASAP

  • CASA came 5 minutes earlier than the appointment time to set up and organize their stuff
  • ASAP were 15 mins late

  •  CASA came in a cute CASA uniform and fully prepaired with ALL the thing they need including the hot water to add in the tub
  • ASAP came in a jeans and t-shirt and dont have all the fancy decorations ( no candles/ tea/) I even had to boil water for them to put it in the mani/pedi tub

stained towels..

CASA had a hot pan under the  peducure machine to keep it hot at all times..

I was really pleased with my manicure CASA did, not the best ever.. but it was good
ASAP, I had to redo a few nails after she left

  • CASA had a huge nail color selection
  • ASAP had less, and I didnt want color anyway.. I asked for something to strengthen the nails she said they didn't have one and that its out of stock

CASA spa wins with a huge diffrence.. its officially my favourite home spa

Casa mani pedi :KD 12
ASAP mani pedi: KD14!

Even though I didnt enjoy my experince with ASAP, they're still fun to follow on twitter

Friday, 20 August 2010

M.A.C - Jam3eeyat jnoob ilsurra

MAC make up at jm3eyaat jnoob ilsurra!!!!!!

MAC Lipsticks, glosses and some pigments

MAC studio finish foundation o pressed powder

MAC Blushes..

some never seen before hello kitty loose powder blush and eyeshadows

eyebrow powder/shadow

Hello kitty blushes and eyeshadows

Eyeliners and lipliners


did you notice anthing diffrent??

The products are FAKE MAC (knock offs)

I think its obvious!! bs my friend thought its the real deal!!

 I asked the sales girl if its real or fake and she said everything is 100% MAC products!

 I then told her fi ashyaa2 awal mara ashofha!
galat ee, some things never came to kuwait and thats why shes selling them, like the hello kitty she thinks we never received them

so I asked her how did she get the products at a lower price?
 coz if you know MAC well, they NEVER do discounts/sales unless you own a MAC PRO card!
 galat she got it from london, ma5zan madre mokan ebe3on bljomla.. ok I know there is a CCO but they sell discontinued products and not products at a lower price

o since when does mac sell its products chthy at a booth??

Im not saying dont go buy, bs she should have said the products are fake o let you the customers decide whether you want to put this unknown brand that you dont know what they're using on your face or not.
Alot of girls at the booth asked if her products were really from MAC and when she says yes they start buying and alot of products are already sold out

ilmohim if your interested in getting a some of these products, you can locate this booth at jm3yat jnoob il surra infront of starbucks

prices? are around KD3

Thursday, 19 August 2010

TV guide

what are you watching this year??

  • Omaima at 3:35pm and 2 am on alrai Tv

  • Ayam ilfaraj at 4:30 pm on alrai

  • Zwarat 5ameis at 4:00pm on alwatan TV, 8 pm on qatan , 10 pm on abu dhabi, 11pm and 1 am on alwatan o watan plus.. ALL DAY

  • fwazeir meryam at 7:45  on ilqahira wlnaas

  • sahr il lail at 8 pm on ilwatanTv

  • zuhra o azwajha il 5 at 8 pm  on MBC1

  • shar nfoos at 9 pm on MBC1

  • lailat 3eed at 10 pm on MBC1  or 3 am qatar

  •  Qararik alwatan 12 pm or 1:30 am watan plus.. I loved todays show!! who saw it?

  • Shooji at 12 am on Fnoon

  • 3ayza atgwz at 1am on MBC1

  • mosalsalat 7aleema at 3 am on MBC1

strengthen your nails

I found a product that is amazing for nails that are in a bad condition!

Because of all the nail polishes and stuff I do to my nails, I now hate the color of my nails!! they're transparent!

Boots expert nail strength solution is a clear gel, you apply it alone or before applying your nail polish..
They recommend using it twice a week..

Ive seen a bit of improvement on my pinkie.. the top part it turning white .. ill continue using it for a couple of months..

Its not just for if your nails are transparent like mine, my cousin uses it because her nails break quickly,
 this clear gel strengthens the nails..
 she never had long nails until now and shes been using this product for about 3 months
She went o get her second bottle and it was sold out at the avenues!
so check out another branch if you want to try it
and even if your nails are in a good condition, you can use this as a base coat to protect your nail before applying your nail polish

Boots expert nail strength solution is available at boots

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

More Exibitions..

Still looking for a Kaftan, shawl or dara3a??  check out the exibhitions that are participating at 360 (qa3at Om Kalthoom)

  • Hamsa on wednesday 18th and thursday 19th from 8:30 till 12:30

  • لم for adults and kids on wednesday 18th from 8:30 till 12:30 Booth # 65

  • and Glow on Thursday 18th, friday 19th and Saturday 20th from 8:30 till 12:30 booth # 22

If you find something, Let me know!!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Mbarak 3laikom ilshahar

Tqaball Allah 6a3tkom w9ali7 ila3mal w3sakom t3oodonah kil sina yarab ;**

Friday, 6 August 2010

July Favourites

I have a few products Ive enjoyed using lately 

#1 is my YSL radical noir mascara which I love! I love it just as much as my estee lauder turbo lash but this mascara also curls lashes <3

#2 is the Givenchy Le prisme visage-Mat
I use this to re shape/ contour facial features like re-shaping chin, cheekbone or nose etc etc..
If your not an expert with reshaping and not sure how to change your face features..
 Stay away and skip #2

What I love about the one by givenchy is that its matte and you can shade and highlight all from one product because it has 4 shades

#3 Jemma kidd sheer vanity gloss and glaze
is a clear pinki lipstick
I love using this over just lipliner or over a dark lipstick to make it lighter
what I also love about this is that its like gloss but isnt sticky!- my hair doesnt stick to it ;)
and this is the First lipstick I ever finish.. Im going to order my second one now

#4 When I was packing for Dubai, I only took a few things (travel light) and I usually take all the testers/ samples I have and try them while on holiday...I took the Shu Umera cleasing oil (makeup remover)
and let me tell u.. IT REMOVES EVERYTHING even waterproof mascara! all you need is a tiny bit of product

#5 is olay body quench body lotion its VERY moisturising, has shea butter and vitamin E &B5. Makes my skin really soft and moisturised and has very light shimmer to it..

Those were my favourites for July..
Do you have any july favourites??
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