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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

FINALLY! Got my Paradoxal

Look what I found today at the Co-op!!

Chanel Paradoxal!! I heard it sold out in selfridges within 3 hours! That nail polish was on my wish list

The color is so unusual!! its purplish/ brown/ grey

maybe this swatch from the net is clearer

and FINALLY, I received on of my make up packages today :D

I got more of my favourite lashes by girls aloud.. They might look over, but their VERY natural on

and more of my fav. lipstick at the moment by Jemma Kidd

I also got this Jemma Kidd eye and lip gloss..
Im gona use it for a messy/ smokey glossy eye (Ke$ha style)
This eye and lip gloss is non sticky at all, I just tried it on my eyes now..
doesn't feel like I have any gloss on

Chanel paradoxel at any chanel counter in Kuwait: KD 9
 rest of items I purchased off asos.com


Enigma said...

lovely!!! i love love love love chanel nail polishes, but this is too dark for me.

On my list: 475 (Dragon) - its a beautiful blood red, and the new Fall colours.

Enigma said...

kahoom new Fall:


i love!

Zabo0o6a said...

Did you purchase from Asos through out aramex?

Hi Maintenance said...

Zabo0o6a- La i dont have an aramex account, my sister shipped it to me

newly_wed said...

did u have any problems shopping for makeup from the net? i hear liquids and creams are not allowed

Hi Maintenance said...

Newly wed- I had no problems.. Ill do another post on this to show how I received the stuff

AMANI said...

I LOVE chanel nailpolish colors daymaaan .. bs i hate two things about them

1- for the dark colors; they alwayes give a black look when i applied to coats ya3ny a7es mako faiyda ya one coat applied carfully 3ashan halloon bl9'ab6 wela mako faiyda w ppl/ husband / family think im applying black color all the time

or a7taaj a place tkoon feeh il2e9'aa gaweiyaa 3ashan iloon ya3kes 3adel

2- for all Chanel colors ; bser3aaa tgasher they never never stay more than 5 hours or 1 day mn 3'eer la ye5terb w yetgashar 3ala 6ol

+ they never dried quickly ya3ny when i applied a color ilsa3a 10 pm w after 3 hours i go to bed ag3ad il9eb7 algaa athaar ilfraash 3ala my nails

unless i use zoya qiuck dry liquid thing
+ ma a7eb ilam3aa chanel polishes mafehom lam3a gaweiya

+ they r quite expensive in comparing with other brands nailpolish products

7aram their colors r fabulous w dayman yekonon number 1 .. bs feehom wayed 3eiyoob t5alee other brands much better than them w shay akeed cheaper

I love dark colors w dayman i go for them bs a7es a7la shay the chanel world came with nailpolish colors r rouge noir w satin bleu ama bagee il colors fa akeed feeh markat 6al3a much better

i dont say enah urs mo 7elooo bl3aks wayed georgeus & mashalla i luv ur nails shape

w btw the lipstick color wayed 7eloo

Enigma said...

Amani bel3aks, they don't peel off after 5 hours, that never happened.. And they always dry really fast!

Expensive, true, and need a shiny coat at the end (but so do all the others)

Bas meezat-hum ina when u leave them for a few days, they don't kill ur nails.. Unlike Essie if I leave it for a few days I find my nails yellow and weak.

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