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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!


within 5 days I will make it 1 month of daily blogging! And to start the New Year i'm doing another contest! I want to give a quick thank you to everyone who reads my blog!!

Ok so this time the products hints are:

* products by MAC
* Limited edition collection
* Sold out the fastest in the year 2009 (I think nearly everything was sold out within the first hour)

You have to same name of collection followed by the product.
Example : Style Black, Volcanic ash Exfoliator

Contest ends Jan/5/10

Ya rab tkon snat 2010 snat 5air 3l kil oOo kil 3am wntaw b5air

MINX Abu Dhabi

Just got an email from minx providers, they said there is a minx salon in Abu Dhabi if anyone is interested at the Royal Lounge, and the lady who Minxes there is Maram Doei.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ma3rath Mishref Purfume and make up

I actually went to ma3rath Mishref for my blog. I wanted to get a picture of the Hanan Dashti models who in my opinion always look hideous. When I got there dawart the Hanan Dashti corner o kan very crowded and there was security and it was VERY hard to get a picture. So my friend suggested we pretend like where talking on the phone but we're actually taking pics ;x .. The pics aren't clear but these are the best pics we got.. We had alot of fun

Hanan Dashti - 7safa we didn't get the scary models

I think the theme was disco cuz there was alot of disco balls

Madre shako clothes in the middle of make up and perfume ;x

Charmel - Looovveee the outfits!! ;P

I did however get something from

YES I LOVE LUSH! I love most of their products but I didn't buy coz I thought there was an offer or something. Lush in the states is on sale!!! Buy 1 get 2 free!! And if I wanted anything I would go to the lush store in Plaza salmiya. So I just got my snow fairy shower gel which smells like candy (who doesn't love the smell of candy?) 3la fruity and has a little bit of glitter in it too.

And then to end the day we ordered ...


New years

How many are going to the Rihanna concert in Abu Dhabi??

What else is everyone doing tomorrow? any plans?




Oh yea and by the way.. On my way out of Laila Harmony there was a Zoya stand and I got a matte Black nail polish! A5eeran ;P

Price? KD 3.250

Layla Harmony

laila harmony is a 3 floor building with its own parking place located in Sh3b ilba7ri.

On the ground floor there's the reception, a coffee shop, waiting area where you can choose to sit inside or enjoy the weather outside(when the weather is nice), there's also a nail bar and a place where they sell the products they use.
Then on the first floor is where the hair stylists and make up artists and threading takes place and then im not sure what they have on the third floor coz I've never been there. I love the interior design its very girlie (its all pink) and mirrors are everywhere.

Anyway I usually go to Laila Harmony every 10 days to get my brows threaded. Ilyoum ri7t waited for an hour, got my brows tinted then threaded and I just want all you girls to know that Sawphna (a girl that threads there) is amazing!! I don't let anyone touch my eyebrows other than her! she takes her time to shape the brows and I loveee how they look after Im done each time. Not too thin and not too thick and look identical. I've haven't been looking for a new place to go thread since I knew her. WHICH IS A VERY GOOD SIGN.

Top 10 Make up buys 2009

I have sooo many favorites but chose these in my top 10 because I used them on myself nearly every single day!!

Diorskin shimmer- Loved it from the day I got it. Great cheek highlighter!

Make Up Forever HD powder- I use this over my LM tinted moisturizer or foundation and makes my skin smooth and soft!

Make up Forever star powder- Favorite under brow highlighter. Use the golden brown one if your skin is a little dark or tanned.

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer <3

MAC Feline power khol

MAC cranberry lip liner- Goes with nearly all my lipstick colors!

Nars laguna bronzer - used this in the summer as all over bronzer, and is great for cheek contouring in winter!

Cover girl lash blast mascara - gives same results as dior show!

Costal scents 88 palette- Amazing staying power, great colors and isn't expensive

Jemma Kidd lipstick belle de jour- If I dont know what lipstick to choose, I use this. Is more of a gloss lipstick.

What are your 2009 fav. products?

Monday, 28 December 2009

Laser at 6aiba clinic

I swore a few months ago that I wouldn't go back and do laser at 6aiba clinic because I got burnt twice there. I posted a pic in a very old post the first time I got burnt.
Anyway I asked around and I didn't know which clinic to switch to so today I just went back to 6aiba.

Their appointment system is go in, get a number and wait or you can go there and get an appointment. I was there by 11.40 and waited. There was 19 infront of me but they have around 10 laser rooms.

well.. I finished at 4 pm :/ but its ok ma warai shai I just hope I don't wake up tomorrow and find myself burnt!

The Ultimate Lash post (2)

My friend then told me to put castor oil every night to get lashes as lovely as hers, mashallah she has the longest lashes I've seen. I then went and got castor oil mn il 7awai (infront of marina mall) o daily at night I would apply my castor oil but didn't really see the difference, maybe it did make a difference but nothing noticeable.

So one day while looking at stuff in the pharmacy I found a product called MD lash factor.

I asked the pharmacist about the product and he said its an eye lash enhancer. I was excited to try it! I purchased it and used it religiously. I used it daily before bedtime its like applying liquid liner it just takes 5 seconds. You have to be patient if you want to try this as you wont see a difference over night. Your patience will pay off and you will have very long lashes. I saw a difference after 2 months and I just went and purchased my 2nd tube! I want to see if my lashes can grow even longer.

MD lash factor did make me rub my eyes alot throughout the day and sometimes my eyes were red. But it all pays off. My lashes are so long now people ask me if I'm wearing fake lashes and BTW I don't wear fake lashes now just for occasions!

Price? KD65.000 from Cairo pharmacy.

Worst make-Up buys for 2009

There's 3 days left for 2009! I made my decision on the worst make up buys I made this year. There are stuff I didn't like but still can make something out of them. These are MY WORST

MAC: Belightful iridescent powder/pressed.
I hate this! It has these chunks of glitter that makes perfect skin look bad.

Rimmel: sexy curves mascara- I Loved the name but hated the mascara! hate what it did to my lashes

Guerlain: khol- Looks fun, great packaging! but didn't like it; it smudges everywhere. I just used it once.

The body shop: sparkle roller ball- I dont know what I was thinking when I purchased this!

What are your worst 2009 make up buys?

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Today for breakfast I went to The English Tea Room at the avenues, its the PERFECT way to start the day.
9ara7a ilmokan 3ajeeb o il food 3jeeb wl atmosphere 3ajeeb o mukan fathy o qnfat comfy to sleep and there is Wifi y3ni the place gets an A+ from me ;D

ilmohim, I went there knt 7a6a ib bali atrayag and then go to me time but when I called, galaw lazm appointment o they're fully booked today but they took my number incase someone cancelled.

So after the breakfast we walked around, shifna Kiehl's and theres 2 things I like from there (their tinted moisturizers and their ultra facial cream)...

and then dshaina sephora wla me time called and said they have a cancelled appointment o I can get my nails done at 2pm and it was 1 pm

Fa ri7na glna we go check out carforre wla fi gift store infront of carforre ebee3 msabei7 o we went to see the prices and the differences and learn stuff about msabei7... The most expensive msba7 was KD2,000 o cheapest was KD10. These were my favorite bs sh3rafni ana blmsabei7 :x I thought they were nice to give as gifts. The ones in the pic are all less than KD 100.

Anyway rdaina o we checked out spa time, I've been to the one in muhallab before and loved it and im going to try the one in avenues probably some time next week.

And THEN ME TIME! dshait chan ashoooof MATTE zoya 3la KD3.000 they're the cheapest I've seen in kuwait o fi black, bs it was all sold out they only had the ones for them to use. They did have grey but I wasn't interested. Anyway I ended up purchasing an essie lona close to the chanel I've been looking for..

Now to the staff, I've heard that the staff aren't friendly, bs 3adi they answered every question I had. They don't talk alot but who cares anyway your not going there to make friends.

  • I Loved the MINX, o fi wayed ashkal o designat bs for first time I had to go for gold. I will go back next time and maybe try the metallic red.
  • I loved that kl chair for the manicures pedicures has their own TV set.
  • I loved that you get a 3 day warranty? can I say that? I mean if something happens within 3 days you can go back and get it fixed.

  • what I didn't like was that 3adi the staff talk on the phone while doing your nails.
  • The staff aren't that professional, ask them what they used to work as ;P
  • They weren't fully booked. One of the staff was watching TV from the time I went in till I left.

Price? Manicure + Minx = KD 14

Its good to change but I'll still be going to Tanya salon to do my nails, and me time ymkn 1 more time if I have an event

Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Ultimate Lash post (1)

Im going to divide this post into 3 parts since its going to be quite long, this part is the fake lashes part...

Over the past few years I've tried nearly every mascara and I just thought they were all the same my lashes were short and no mascara could make them look any different. So I got used to applying fake lashes (nearly daily, for any occasion) to get the lashes I've always dreamed of. Heres SOME of my collection

This first pic was my daily collection, they look VERY natural, I'd wear them to anywhere friends house, uni, going out...

This second pic was more of a partyish look, 3roos, b-days and over the top looks.. They either had glitter/ strass or were very long..

And then this last collection are lashes I'd wear if I was just messing around at home trying diffrent looks, going to 7flat tankoriya (theme parties or home parties). Not something I'd wear to somewhere public ..

These are my favourite.. heres a zoom in (Bollywood lashes) Love them!

Some of these lashes I got from MAC or Make up forever, American beauty.
Bollywood, lashes vivid, girls aloud are from the UK.

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