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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Pop of Blue

I love the effect blue mascara or eyeliner gives. When someone is wearing either, it makes me look twice.
In my teen years, I used to make a smokey eye then add a bright blue mascara o on top I add a pair of fake lashes and it looks so ... um different? but in a pretty way. Imagine, from the top or when eyes are shut you see black lashes but when you look directly in the eye or see the eyes opened you see some blue. I used to use the ASTOR but It is now discontinued.

(The wand was amazing it disposed so much color)

Sometimes when I'm in a hurry, I would just add blue liner to the inner rims of the eye (I use the one by Mikyaji shadow crayon 06) and I think its enough. Or even instead of lining your upper lids with black, line them with blue (I use Bourjois metallic #54 blue and go over it with a sparkly sephora eye pencil).
**make sure with blue liner, whether its in your rim or to line your upper lids, that your eye make up or make up is minimal (light) because this look can look terrible ;P Im just warning.

Want to try this look? Look for the lightest blue mascara because dark ones wont really show up, something like the color of my text, I recently saw a bright blue at the YSL counter but i'm not sure how its like, still didn't give it a try.

(comparing Astor (top) with regular blue mascara)

Play around, have fun ;)


Nawarii said...

veryyyyyy nice suggestion bas i dont think id have the guts to do it...maybe for a party or something

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