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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

My Wish List..

Hair extensions!
i want to order from www.proextensions.com bs na6ra my hair gets in better conditio.n

Chanel jade 407 nail polish
i already mentioned this - the color is deviiineeee.

Egyptian magic-
everyone is raving about this cream, they say it makes wonders! google it and see for yourself.

moroccan oil-
another multi purpose beauty must have that I should get my hands on ASAP and its also called "liquid gold" coz of how good it is.


PaLoMiNo said...


AWL SHAY POSTICH short bas eynin!!!!!

shenoo hathaa!!! awl mara asm3 eb egyptian magic and moroccan oil?!!??!


Min wayn ashtreehom?!?!

wel hair extensions ey3qdoon u dont have to wait for ur hair to gets in better condition!

Buy the clip on's, awl when sha3ry was black sharyt clip on extentions, tadreen shenon 6ala3 eynin?? wayed natural o maa eyathe elsha3ar, it's just a clip o low sheno maybyn bas 6ab3an mamnoo3 a7d ey7e6 eda bsh3rich hahahahaha coz they will feel them akeed :P

PaLoMiNo said...

*to get :P
typo ;p

Hi Maintenance said...

get them online! you will never find them in kuwait! :P Yebeelii weyaach ha mo tnsaaaain!! I WANT THEM

and yes those extensions are clip ons bas im leaving my hair alone 7ta lon sha3ri im letting it grow mo ga3da asbaq ba5leeh till I get married for the wedding day abi sha3ri WOW now mo mohim :P

Um Mit3ib said...

wht r the names of the oils w wain algahom?

Hi Maintenance said...

the name of the oil is Morrocan oil (argan oil) http://www.edenallure.com
I dont think you would be able to find them in kuwait.
If you know someone in the states let them get you the "josie maran argan oil" they can find it at sephora.

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