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Sunday, 27 December 2009


Today for breakfast I went to The English Tea Room at the avenues, its the PERFECT way to start the day.
9ara7a ilmokan 3ajeeb o il food 3jeeb wl atmosphere 3ajeeb o mukan fathy o qnfat comfy to sleep and there is Wifi y3ni the place gets an A+ from me ;D

ilmohim, I went there knt 7a6a ib bali atrayag and then go to me time but when I called, galaw lazm appointment o they're fully booked today but they took my number incase someone cancelled.

So after the breakfast we walked around, shifna Kiehl's and theres 2 things I like from there (their tinted moisturizers and their ultra facial cream)...

and then dshaina sephora wla me time called and said they have a cancelled appointment o I can get my nails done at 2pm and it was 1 pm

Fa ri7na glna we go check out carforre wla fi gift store infront of carforre ebee3 msabei7 o we went to see the prices and the differences and learn stuff about msabei7... The most expensive msba7 was KD2,000 o cheapest was KD10. These were my favorite bs sh3rafni ana blmsabei7 :x I thought they were nice to give as gifts. The ones in the pic are all less than KD 100.

Anyway rdaina o we checked out spa time, I've been to the one in muhallab before and loved it and im going to try the one in avenues probably some time next week.

And THEN ME TIME! dshait chan ashoooof MATTE zoya 3la KD3.000 they're the cheapest I've seen in kuwait o fi black, bs it was all sold out they only had the ones for them to use. They did have grey but I wasn't interested. Anyway I ended up purchasing an essie lona close to the chanel I've been looking for..

Now to the staff, I've heard that the staff aren't friendly, bs 3adi they answered every question I had. They don't talk alot but who cares anyway your not going there to make friends.

  • I Loved the MINX, o fi wayed ashkal o designat bs for first time I had to go for gold. I will go back next time and maybe try the metallic red.
  • I loved that kl chair for the manicures pedicures has their own TV set.
  • I loved that you get a 3 day warranty? can I say that? I mean if something happens within 3 days you can go back and get it fixed.

  • what I didn't like was that 3adi the staff talk on the phone while doing your nails.
  • The staff aren't that professional, ask them what they used to work as ;P
  • They weren't fully booked. One of the staff was watching TV from the time I went in till I left.

Price? Manicure + Minx = KD 14

Its good to change but I'll still be going to Tanya salon to do my nails, and me time ymkn 1 more time if I have an event


Anonymous said...

Heeey ;p alaaaah the English tea room a7ibaa bs I never tried there breakfast ,, I usually go there for the afternoon tea bs good now I have a place to go to for bfast ;p

Ana I love kiehl's and I always use there product for my face lana I have a very very sensitive skin ,, mama tgool kiehl's zain lich lana bashritich mithil il babies o hatha its gentle 3ala your skin ;p

I never tried Spa time !! I always go to Banyan tree in royal hayat ,, kilman igooli Spa time 7ilo bs a7is ana itha 5ala9t min my massage o I'm all relaxed mabi a6la3 3ala z3aj o loyat il mall !! Give Banyan tree a try ;p

Finally you got your Minx !! Mabroook mashala 7ilo 3ala eidich ,, btw bubbles do minx as well. The atmosphere in me time a7la bs the staff in bubbles a7san ;p

The Essie mint candy wayiid fati7 !! Ma 7abaita lana wayid isamir il eid ;p

By now you probably noticed I write a long comment ;p

Ao ;*

Hi Maintenance said...

AO- I love their bfast! o I also love lenotre MARINA (coz they also have that 3 layer food stand) o bajrb dean and deluca soon my friend recommends it.

Yup kiehl's is great and mommys know best ;D

You should deff. try Spa time! park ur car right under and go up the elevator! thats what I do and phase II is usually empty. But I will check out banyan tree sometime next month

E FINALLY! thanks, I know bubbles also do minx but im leaving bubbles for the chanel color you told me about!

Essie I love it! Im going to use it on my toes today and maybe add a layer of shimmer on top

I knew it was you before reaching the end of the comment, ur now my fav. commentor ;*

The Team at Me Time said...

Dear High Maintenance,
We were very upset that your experience with us at Me Time wasn't to your full satisfaction. We at Me Time want all our customers to leave happy with the service provided. Please do note that we take all your comments seriously and inshallah on your next visit, you wont encounter any con's :)
We hope you'll stop by at anytime so that we can resolve any un-satisfying situation you had.
take care & happy MINXing!
the team at Me Time Nail Spa

Hi Maintenance said...

The Team at Me Time- Thank you, I was very happy to see your comment. I would also suggest selling drinks (having a menu).

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