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Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Ultimate Lash post (1)

Im going to divide this post into 3 parts since its going to be quite long, this part is the fake lashes part...

Over the past few years I've tried nearly every mascara and I just thought they were all the same my lashes were short and no mascara could make them look any different. So I got used to applying fake lashes (nearly daily, for any occasion) to get the lashes I've always dreamed of. Heres SOME of my collection

This first pic was my daily collection, they look VERY natural, I'd wear them to anywhere friends house, uni, going out...

This second pic was more of a partyish look, 3roos, b-days and over the top looks.. They either had glitter/ strass or were very long..

And then this last collection are lashes I'd wear if I was just messing around at home trying diffrent looks, going to 7flat tankoriya (theme parties or home parties). Not something I'd wear to somewhere public ..

These are my favourite.. heres a zoom in (Bollywood lashes) Love them!

Some of these lashes I got from MAC or Make up forever, American beauty.
Bollywood, lashes vivid, girls aloud are from the UK.


sweetd said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL ur crazy! how do u find the patients to do it everyday? you must really luv looking perfect...or just enjoy the process:D

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