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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Shopping at Al-Fanar

I admit Im not into fashion therefore I will hardly post about clothes here. I don't go shopping as much as I try out products, make-up, salons or food. Everyone has their thing. But yesterday was shopping time.

My first stop was at MAC. Their holiday collection and all the limited edition stuff did not interest me. I only got what I posted. Then I went to Topshop and saw a couple of cute things but ended up just getting this dress;-

The top part is lace and then you tie it under the breast area at the back o the bottom is a bit puffy. I think it would look nice with black tights o studded short boots or somthing with alot of bracelets and long necklace. Madre I'll see later.

Then I went to swarovski o there was a set 3la snakes. I loved it but was sold out (pics below) :( continued all the way to villa moda o ma3jbni shay there.

Then passed by Ralph Lauren oo this orange long sleeved polo immediatly caught my eye. Its soo bright and I loved the orange with purple (its not bright in the pic). Fi other colours but I liked this and the red one most and ended up buying;-

Last stop was Marino Pino, I got these studded flats which are on sale.

Topshop dress- KD30
Swarviski set 258.500
Ralph Lauren long sleeved polo KD55
Marina Pino studded flats KD41

That sums up my shopping post. Hope you enjoyed it!


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