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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Layla Harmony

laila harmony is a 3 floor building with its own parking place located in Sh3b ilba7ri.

On the ground floor there's the reception, a coffee shop, waiting area where you can choose to sit inside or enjoy the weather outside(when the weather is nice), there's also a nail bar and a place where they sell the products they use.
Then on the first floor is where the hair stylists and make up artists and threading takes place and then im not sure what they have on the third floor coz I've never been there. I love the interior design its very girlie (its all pink) and mirrors are everywhere.

Anyway I usually go to Laila Harmony every 10 days to get my brows threaded. Ilyoum ri7t waited for an hour, got my brows tinted then threaded and I just want all you girls to know that Sawphna (a girl that threads there) is amazing!! I don't let anyone touch my eyebrows other than her! she takes her time to shape the brows and I loveee how they look after Im done each time. Not too thin and not too thick and look identical. I've haven't been looking for a new place to go thread since I knew her. WHICH IS A VERY GOOD SIGN.


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