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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

6reeq il 7reer (silk road) and MAC

Ive been searching for kaftans/ dararee3 lately since ramathan is comming up soon..
 Fashionista TheZuz  happens to be searching the same and she suggested that I check out this shop at the muhallab called 6reeq il 7areer.. and so I went there.. Today

They had a pretty nice collection .. These were a few of my faves..

and I got this dara3a, its very young and fresh..

and I also got this multi colored jumpsuit which is l6eef o threef 3la golat zuz :P

and I also got 2 Kaftans which I dont have yet because they need alteration :D

Then while walking in muhalleb I remembered that theres the MAC to the beach collection which was released today but I dont know why I didnt get an SMS from MAC

I went and checked the display and asked for the creme bronzers, she said they didnt receive them in  the store!!
o the nail polishes mako testers cuz they only got 2 peices of them!!
they didnt bring a large stock and therefore most branches sold out thier items in the first hour after they opened

The sea horse powder was the first to sell out, the sales woman told me the girls were infront of the MAC store at 9:30 .. fathein ;P

anyway I got what I wanted (last peice)  the lusture drop in pink ..the bronze kan fi mna last peice too but I didnt like it

and I dont usually like liquid highlighters but this one is an exception

all you need is a tiny blob

and your skin will look gorgeous!

Silk road/ 6reeq il 7areer is in muhallab 3rd floor right infront of cinnabon they open from 10-10
all their drare3/ kaftans are around KD 65

MAC lustre drop was for KD7.250

Where do you shop for draree3 and Kaftans??

Monday, 28 June 2010

Elements Spa- Banyan Tree

Hello All!! adre I didnt post for a long time its because Im really busy + I go to the same salons and do mostly things I've preveously posted about

 but today was a little different :D

Thanks to AO, who gave me spa voucher at Elmenrs spa- banyan tree for my birthday and I booked my appointment yesterday, for today!!

Banyan tree is on the 1st floor in Royale Hayatt hospital- Jabriya

I got there with no parking problems, mako za7ma at all .. ofcourse Im going to compare Baynan Tree with Spa time Avenues

I chose the massage I wanted to get done (lomi lomi)and was introduced to my therapist "PANDA" whos from Thailand

Elments spa is not only for massages theres also a gym and many other things that I saw on my way to my room

they also have a double massage bed room with bath tubs..

Then I got into my own room and I had my OWN/PRIVATE  bathroom/ closet which I loved because last time I went to Spa time I forgot my acessories in their locker and I had to go back to the avenues, blza7ma for them!!

 I put everything in their place and  took pics (aham shay! even though they're not that good haha)

I want my bathroom at home to look something like this!!yabeila make over!! hotel style! theres a shower and everything just like an ordinary bathroom where im standing to take pics from

anyway I wore my robe and Panda gave me a foot scrub as I chose what scent- 3ood bu5oor I wanted to smell while I get my massage done

Panda recommended Night queen she said its the most popular  but I went with Rose-

Rose- Uplifting and romantic scent, soothes the nerves

there was about 8 scents to choose from including lavendar, champaka, Bergamot, sandalwood.. 

The massage was very relaxing I wanted to sleep- she was reeeaaally good and the hour passed by so quickly.. then She did some streches on me i felt like I was about to fall off of the massage bed! :x

b3dain after the 1 hour massage she brought this bell o rang it 3 times I asked her why? tgol tradition when they're done they must do that! :P

she then brougt me a wet towel to remove access oil off of my skin from the massage oil she used

then I was served refreshments- Ginger tea and fruits 

o bas :D r7t abadil o kl my jewellry ib mokana o my own dressing room- reallly love this part!!

as I was getting dressed Panda told me theres one more thing AO left for me at the reception!!
 @@ as if the massage wasn't enough!!

she left me these gorgeous china glaze nail polish

now let me quickly compare what I liked about Banyan Tree and What I prefered at Spa Time

Banyan Tree:
  • no parking problems
  • own dressing room/bathroom- no need for lockers o ohma eyebon your things to you!! here, You have your own place!
  • Since its my own place, I CAN ALSO HAVE MY MOBILE WOHOO :D
  • loved the scent
  • I think I liked the massage here more but Im not sure cuz when I went to spa time I went with my friend and we didnt really relax.. we were joking around most of the time haha
  • your relaxed and you go immediatly to the basement to your car, not in the middle of a mall o iz3aj!

Spa Time:
  • I prefered the atmosphere
  • they put heat pads under your shoulders on the massage bed 
  • o after the massage they put the heat thingie around your neck while you drink your tea

price? .. hmm Spa time massages are half the price of banyan trees!!

Which one did I prefer out of the two? both are different.. but both are good!

once again thank you AO :** Wallah you made my day!! :*

* I just remembered! Banyan tree staff told me in rmthan they make an offer get 1 massage and another free! great for when you go with a friend of something (2 for the price of 1 :D)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bronel Salon- Sorceir Tonic- Hair!!

Bronel salon was recommended for hair treatments and stuff.. I went a couple of times and everything was ok

bs ams if you follow me on twitter I was saying how they put gas on my hair (they told it it helps hair grow) and ....

my hair color rad like what it was before.. machini sbqta!! :((((

Im going back to the salon tomorrow and see what to do

madre a5af arid asbaq o thats gas not dihin .. GAS!!
 it stinged my eye tooo!! bs t7amalt coz galatli e6awil il sha3ar

anyway i wont be going there!! my hair color is back to X (black/brown)  :( ..
Im gona give it a break o re dye it before 3eed.. :'((( *tears* anyway Im not gona complain alot cuz mako fayda.. it happened


After the blog post want better hair, start with a better scalp a blogger mentioned a tonic called sorceir which has garlic as an active ingredient .. So instead of making the mixture and worrying about the smell.. Theres this tonic!!

I bought it, it feels like water, I felt something cool on my scalp and it doesnt stink!!

So im going to be using this for now... I just dont like the way the application is; I wish it was a spray

Features and instructions:

 I hope its good!! :D

You can get it from boots for KD 10 something

Monday, 21 June 2010

Shopping- Topshop

I love shopping at topshop!! I always find things from there..

This week I got...

This lovely top/ cardigan

and this 3 layered necklace

and alot of basics like this denim jacket which I think Ill be wearing alot over anything/everything

I love getting vests and adding them to plain jeans and tshirts

high waisted skinny jeans

This maxi which I love!! what should I wear it with?


top/cardigan: KD 30

3 layered necklace: KD 8

Denim Jacket: KD 20

Black Vest: KD 30

Skinny Jeans: KD 19

Maxi: KD 20

* If theres a peice you like, dont forget theres a Topshop in debenhams soug sharg, their items dont sell as fast as avenues and fanar

I also got this really cute head band from there too for KD4

MAC Venomous Villains collection

MAC is comming out with another disney collection called Venoumous Villians and the pics have already leaked all over the web! The characters in this collection are:

Evil Queen- Snow white

Cruella De Vil- 101 dalmations

Maleficent- Sleeping beauty

Dr. Facilier - from the princess and the frog

those are the four characters chosen and the packaging is boring..

This collection will be out around fall...
 What do you think of it? Is your favourite Villain included?

5 minute make up

Sometimes you wake up and you dont have time to do your make up, im sure you've been through this!

 heres my take on 5 min make up

First I'd use paints by MAC in "architechture"
spread it all over my lids and just above the crease using my finger

then add a brush of shadow, I like something a little bit shimmery on my lids, here Im using MAC "tempting"
 another color I really love is "Patina"

all over architecture, tempting looks like this

highlight under ur brow bone (I choose YSL because it also come with the sponge brush)

in the crease Id use a mix of browns something between "Cork" and "expresso"

using a fat eyeliner like this MAC shadestick in "sharkskin" line your eye rims,
go back and forth quickly to make it look messy and not so perfect

For lips id use a stain (lipliner and lipstick in 1) it looks super natural

I like to use this on my cheeks as blush too

this one is by YSL but im not sure if they still make them

If you dont want to use stains as blush, make sure your blush is in a simmilar shade to your lips ..
Id use something like tippy from MAC hello kitty collection

It all depends on what YOU need...

Who said you cant look good in 5 mins??? ;)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Highlighters and highlighting

I haven't posted make up for a whiiilee

but since its summer we must get that gorgous luminous skin!!

some people dont need make up.. just highlight a few areas add gloss and your good!

Heres my favourite highlighters and where highlighters should be placed

starting with liquid ones- I personally dont like them. no matter what brand I try- Im not a fan ;(

 powders.. I <3

my favourites are...

1- Dior amber diamond
2- The body shop highlighters
3- Bobbi brown shimmer brick (I love the 2 above more)

these can be used anywhere, I sometimes use them as shadow too

Dior blended:

Body shop blended:

For the eyes no matter what I try, I always go back to these:

(YSL, MUFE white, MUFE beige, MAC creme color base)

this YSLswatched on its own on the left which is great for daily/morning and with a white pencil under on the right swatch for night/events

here its blended and compared to the one by MUFE
the YSL one has a little bit of shimmery particles
(MUFE have many colors, theres one that looks amazing on tanned skin)

and I also like the mac pearl cream color base when I want it to look like theres no make up on using your finger, smudge this under ur brow and on your cheek bone

NEVER highlight your whole face

you should be highlighting

under your eyebrow:

you can higlight your cheek:

or the highest part of your cheek bone:

*oh yea and you can also highlight your inner eye rim area

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