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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!! :D

Yes today is my birthday!! Its my day, this day is all about ME!!

 I received a gift from some one I love very very very very very... much!!
 they're not in Kuwait so they sent me a gift from E-Gift

Egift is a site where you can send a gift to people you love anywhere in the world! how cool is that!!?

I got it at 12 AM blthab6.. bs tara 5dmat hom X ;p kl shwai edg ilsayg mthayyi3! o b3dain ygoli send your driver let him come to me lol!

anyway that gift was so unexpected and so cute.. so thankyou ;* !!

Then this morning (1pm my morning) tadron sh9ar? I got my hair and nails done and got really sick o rdait ilbait took med. o nmt ;( so im celebrating my bday tomorrow too!! and the whole week!!!! maybe even the whole month!! :D

 I wanted to get my nails minxed at bubbles nail spa because you get your nails done for FREE on your BIRTHDAY!! :P
 bs b3dain glt I've tried the minx and I wanted something I never did before.. therefore, I went to tanya

I asked for something new and different..


and then got my hair done at triple 3nd hiyyam

I asked for a natural style with sexyy wavesss

I just woke up, doing this post quickly and Im gona leave now to celebrate the last few hours of the day with the family <3

thanks to everyone who sent me a msg or sent me a birthday wish in anyway  or even asked about me
<3 love you all ;* made my bday more special! thankyou again it meant alot :*

nail design: KD25

Hair: KD 15


Frankom said...

Happy Birthday :) el3omor kila inshalla

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !!!

O kil 3am wintay ib 100 5air ,, il3omir kila inshala ;**** !!
I'm so sorry about you being sick on your Bday !! Bs now atleast you have an excuse to celebrate the whole week !! You totally deserve it !!

And I see you have requested the "AO" hairstyle from Hiyam !! Hahah it looks amazing on you ;* *mashala*

Happy Birthday again ;***

AO ;*

PS. How can I send you my gift ?

Her said...

Happy Birthday :)) 3u2bal 100 years yarab ... ur nails are so nice mashalla even ur hair it gorgeous 3aleach b2alf 3afya dear :)

Enigma said...

happy birthday!! have a great one :)

B & D said...

Many Many Happy Returns of the day :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to u like ur blog..........may u have long and prosperous life.ameen

Anonymous said...

Happy birthdayyyyy il 3umr kila inshallaaaah !! I love ure blog btw .. Wat products do u recommend? Anythong thats new & great 4 summer would be really helpful, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ambaaaih fashlaaaa! Its a typo knt i meant 2 say **something

Anonymous said...

eww ugly Finger nails. I just wanted to throw up. Don't tell me you went to work like that ROFL!

It reminds me of a cheap vietnamese Parlor in Hawaii.

I was surfing the web looking up some industrial nails and this came up as search result. Creepyyy!

Now we all know you spent KD 15 on waste.

Nice Hair tho. Are you pretty?? Let us see.

Hi Maintenance said...

Frankom- Thankyouuu

AO- Thankyou so mucchhh <3 ;*

Her- Thaaanks ;**

Engima- Thanks :*

B &amp D- Thank youu!! :*

Anonymous1: thankss alot :D

Anonymous2: thanks!! ee I have alot of posts in mind!! bs 5l e9ier 3ndi wagt!!

Anonymous3: lool you dont know how lucky I feel that google brought you to my blog!!

A said...

Happy birthday to you o inshallah il 3omer killa :D

Although i dont know about nails or makeup but those nails look nice

I usually read ur blog but this is the 1st time i comment :)

Anonymous: How about u let us see how ungly/pretty you are 1st ?

A said...

ugly** lol badliyat .. mo 5osh bidaya :p

Zabo0o6a said...

I emailed you sweeety , did you get my emai :)

PaLoMiNo said...

anonymous ele ma3inda/ma3indaha salfa
loooool walla ur trying to be funny?
go get a life

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