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Monday, 21 June 2010

Shopping- Topshop

I love shopping at topshop!! I always find things from there..

This week I got...

This lovely top/ cardigan

and this 3 layered necklace

and alot of basics like this denim jacket which I think Ill be wearing alot over anything/everything

I love getting vests and adding them to plain jeans and tshirts

high waisted skinny jeans

This maxi which I love!! what should I wear it with?


top/cardigan: KD 30

3 layered necklace: KD 8

Denim Jacket: KD 20

Black Vest: KD 30

Skinny Jeans: KD 19

Maxi: KD 20

* If theres a peice you like, dont forget theres a Topshop in debenhams soug sharg, their items dont sell as fast as avenues and fanar

I also got this really cute head band from there too for KD4


Anonymous said...

3laich bl3afya :)

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