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Monday, 14 June 2010

3a6aar / 7awai

Have you ever checked out the stuff the 7awai or 3a6ar or whatever you want to call it has??

theres so many stuff there!!

from hair care to oils to make up o pills a3shaab .. 7ina.. anything and everything can be found there!

for those who want to try the argan oil, they also sell it there!! argan is argan, if its
 pure then its the same thing; doesnt matter which brand you get! its all made from the argan tree in morroco

I haven't tried much products from there other than these 2 oils o I cant really say if they're good or not because I havent used them much! ;P and im not going to because sha3ri masboq so lazm bs creams.. but these have some really good/ healthy ingredients

Check out one of the 3a6ar shops near you!!

  • theres one in jm3yat ilshr6a (ilzahra)
  • another one in jm3yat kaifan
  • theres a few infront of marina

They're everywhere!

have you tried any good products from them??

Price varries on how well you bargain!! ;p
but the argan oil was 6.500 ... you can get it for 5.500 I guess

 the rehanna oil is KD 4
o il5al6ah il3ajeeba i dont remember ;x


Anonymous said...

B :
hello , ana elee sa2altech 3an el best place for a hair cut oo eyebrows jarabt shinning 7adhaa 8aweyaa ( thank u thank u thank u ;***) jarabt parveen elee eb tea rose kelesh mo shay :((( ana bs ba'3ayt trim oo her work was soooooooooo bad yamken she was having a bad day ... 7asafaa 3ala sha3ree ana oo e5tee :Pp bs 3adee i still love u ;***

about el 3a6aar ,,, ana maraa jarabt 5al6aa min 3a6aar 7ag el wayh , el mohem wayhee 9aar mo 6abey3ee :D el kel ys2alnee shino emsawyaa 9ij 9ij wayhee 9ar 3ajeeb 9aar loon wa7ed oo mashdood 5doodee wardeyeeyn !! mo ga3daa achatheb bs wallah chinhaa se7er :Pp
5altee is a DR so galatley yeybey el 5al6aa bashoof shino feyhaa ,,, dagat 3alay galatlee g6eyhaa bel zbalaa zina ma 9aar eb wayhech shay allah setaar ,, el 5al6aa 6ala3 feyhaa ashyaa2 mamnoo3aa oo cortzon ,,,oo galatlee law kent mestemeraa 3alayhaa more chan wayhee e7tarag oo momken et2adee le amraa'6 5a6raa

SO deyray balech ;*

Zabo0o6a said...

ARGAN OIL, MAKES MY SKIN CRAWLS chewed by a s5ala :/

Nouf said...

I love going to el3a6areeeeen, although the smell might kill me lol

But you must be careful when you buy stuff from them coz most sellers ma3nd'hom '6ameer o they sell fake products!

However I agree inh u can find almost anything there :)

Hi Maintenance said...

B- hey!! I honestly dont remember ;x but glad to know u loved shinning! shes amazing :D o sorry about parvin :x if you know/ find anyone better let me know even though im not going to cut my hair ever again!! o thanks ;$

9ij? 5ala9 76ait 3laih X :D thanks for sharing

Zabo0o6a- put it for your hair! I use it on my face coz wayhi is so dryyyyy

Nouf- 5ala9 76ait 3laih X ;p im sticking to products from the pharmacys ;p

Anonymous said...

LOL you reminded me of a story I posed on my old blog about argan oil :-S


enigma said...

il 7away's have great things, bs be careful of their khal6at or their products... cuz u never know whats in them..

use them only for the pure, unmixed stuff.

It's fun to look around and see what they have tho ;D

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