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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bronel Salon- Sorceir Tonic- Hair!!

Bronel salon was recommended for hair treatments and stuff.. I went a couple of times and everything was ok

bs ams if you follow me on twitter I was saying how they put gas on my hair (they told it it helps hair grow) and ....

my hair color rad like what it was before.. machini sbqta!! :((((

Im going back to the salon tomorrow and see what to do

madre a5af arid asbaq o thats gas not dihin .. GAS!!
 it stinged my eye tooo!! bs t7amalt coz galatli e6awil il sha3ar

anyway i wont be going there!! my hair color is back to X (black/brown)  :( ..
Im gona give it a break o re dye it before 3eed.. :'((( *tears* anyway Im not gona complain alot cuz mako fayda.. it happened


After the blog post want better hair, start with a better scalp a blogger mentioned a tonic called sorceir which has garlic as an active ingredient .. So instead of making the mixture and worrying about the smell.. Theres this tonic!!

I bought it, it feels like water, I felt something cool on my scalp and it doesnt stink!!

So im going to be using this for now... I just dont like the way the application is; I wish it was a spray

Features and instructions:

 I hope its good!! :D

You can get it from boots for KD 10 something


the boudoir. said...

thanks for the tip! i should get one
i used to go to brunel bs stopped coz i have no time bas i remember my friend told me that whatever wat they force me to use on my hair that i dont do the GAS, she said her aunt's hair had fallen so much from it..i told them i wont do it bcoz my hair isnt strong mabi ajaziiif...s otherwise everything i tried is good..

Nouf said...

hello there :)

Did u try it already? feedback pweez :)

Hi Maintenance said...

the boudoir- I think the gas is a MUST NOT TRY treatment :/

Nouf- Ill give it a month for a proper review :D

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