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Friday, 4 June 2010

Quickies- varnish removal

I love it when my friends pull out unusual things from their bags!!

This time my one of my friends had nail polish remover pads in her bag

faj2a she decided to change the color of her nail polish!!

She got it from Boots London


Sumaiah said...

I always carry nail polish remover pads in my bag and 2-4 colors of nail polish! I'm really happy that I'm not alone!:p

Ke7el said...

very practical :)
btw you have been tagged in our blog xx

Hi Maintenance said...

Sumaiah- I guess your not aloone bs I never expected anyone to carry nail varnish and polishes in their bags! she had 2 nailpolishes too !! a blue and red one lol

Ke7el- inshallah will do xx

Enigma said...

my cousin got me something nail polish wipes from Kumar (ya know, the makeup+DVD Kumar lol)

Hi Maintenance said...

Kilshay gamaw ebee3ooon!!! we get him bl gatherings, so much fun.. thakarteni fi wa7d ebe3 fone covers abi a9wer his covers 3jeben :P

Fairytaled said...

Allaay shakla nice, i carry nailpolish only if im goin 2 the nailspa, and i have a polish remover in my office+el 3eddah mal mgra'6 wel mobrad *a cute one from claire's* madre laish dom akser my nail @work lol

Nouf said...
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