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Monday, 7 June 2010

Getting pampered

I wanted to get so many things done today bs mamdani to do other than 3 because I got so sleepy and ended my day sooner than expected

Its not fun going from one salon to another! I wish I can get an all in 1 awsomeness salon!!

anyway awal shay bagoolkom shaqla, Im now 100% sure that if your hair is dyed your not supposed to be using oils on it!!
 Alot of hairdressers have told me that its totally useles to put oil in your hair + e5arrib il color!
you should ONLY use CREAMS!!!
o from today Im stopping the oils

So I got a _____ (fruit) massaged into my hair, this gives shineeee!!

 got my brows done at _____ (salon)

and finally did a manicure and pedicure o did prova for a few designs and I'll choose which one I want to do tomorrow depending on which _____ I decide to wear

The gold part on my nail is _____ (material/substance/metal? lol)

Fill in the 4 blanks!!

*Everything Ill get done will be posted tomorrow

** where do you recommend for simple hairstyles? and where do you girls get your hair extensions from??


Cat-Eyezz said...

i have no idea;p
lool do i get a prize? which salon did u end up trying btw;p

Um Mit3ib said...

the salon was laila harmony;p

Bibi said...

1-banana 2-Lyla harmony 3-colour 4- foil :p I get my hair extention throu my hair dresser she's egyption and she do it by herself from Egypt it's great o I have long black hair fa with this extention it look wow.. Mashalla ehya etghazlaa o etkhay6a :* o bs

boutique 5 said...

ماشالله عليج وايد بلوقج حلووو وانتي دايما متابعته

حبيبتي ممكن تشوفين الستور مالي !
وقوليلي رايج فيه
واذا حبيتي تستفسرين عن شي
هذا ايميلي راسليني فيه


Hi Maintenance said...

cat eyes: your right! :P yes you win a prize lama trdeeen agolich shnooo ;)

Um mit3ib: 9a7!! thats an easy one ha :P

Bibi- its actually pineapple :P and 3 is dress!! :D ahaaa e black BLACK hair is sexyyyy I love it!! o bs :*

FiveSenses Salon said...

Try Fivesenses salon for Facials, Simple hair styles, hair treatments....small but cozy place :)

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