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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

6reeq il 7reer (silk road) and MAC

Ive been searching for kaftans/ dararee3 lately since ramathan is comming up soon..
 Fashionista TheZuz  happens to be searching the same and she suggested that I check out this shop at the muhallab called 6reeq il 7areer.. and so I went there.. Today

They had a pretty nice collection .. These were a few of my faves..

and I got this dara3a, its very young and fresh..

and I also got this multi colored jumpsuit which is l6eef o threef 3la golat zuz :P

and I also got 2 Kaftans which I dont have yet because they need alteration :D

Then while walking in muhalleb I remembered that theres the MAC to the beach collection which was released today but I dont know why I didnt get an SMS from MAC

I went and checked the display and asked for the creme bronzers, she said they didnt receive them in  the store!!
o the nail polishes mako testers cuz they only got 2 peices of them!!
they didnt bring a large stock and therefore most branches sold out thier items in the first hour after they opened

The sea horse powder was the first to sell out, the sales woman told me the girls were infront of the MAC store at 9:30 .. fathein ;P

anyway I got what I wanted (last peice)  the lusture drop in pink ..the bronze kan fi mna last peice too but I didnt like it

and I dont usually like liquid highlighters but this one is an exception

all you need is a tiny blob

and your skin will look gorgeous!

Silk road/ 6reeq il 7areer is in muhallab 3rd floor right infront of cinnabon they open from 10-10
all their drare3/ kaftans are around KD 65

MAC lustre drop was for KD7.250

Where do you shop for draree3 and Kaftans??


Zabo0o6a said...

I passe by this store ams and i thought it had some wonderful collection but i bought two already didn't want any more :P
This year i got my dara3a from Aisha alfa'6el a very wonderful fashion designer and I visited glow boutique exhibition and got another one ;)
good purchase 3alaij bel3afya ;*

Her said...

even in Barcelona the the blush was sold out :/ I sooo wanted 1 :( and 6aree8 el7areer is owned by a far relative she have very nice taste she goes herself to India to get the materials :)w 3alaich bel3afya hun

Hi Maintenance said...

zabo0o6a- I bought all the good stuff haha u went too late :P o plz if you know any good ma3arth, let me know ;* allah y3afech thanks

Her- 7mdllah 3l salama ;* eee shad3wa chthy :x mal7agna inshallah better collections come out soon :D
thats cool :) allah y3afech ;*

zuz said...

tawny ashoof el post!! 3alaych bil 3afiaa babe ;**, my cousin got the same jumpsuit :p haha 6ala3 fi menna 2 ;p!

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