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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Valentines gift .. For him

Starting off with guys because they are easy to impress :P

I think that all you should get is a teddy

some chocolate (if your good at cooking maybe you can make a cake?)

and flowers.


well maybe you can add a music CD

Heres one of my fav. love songs by Beyonce

something simple I guess... just make sure its creative and personal, theres 2 weeks left! you still have time to come up with something

Put some effort in it.. handmade stuff mean more than things you buy

So guys, do you agree? o what was ur fav. v-day gift??

Friday, 29 January 2010

Tanya salon

So I've posted a few times about how good and professional I think Tanya is.

Today I went to get my nails done, even though I really wanted to try nail polish o all the salons you girls recommend but then I said I need some professional work done mabi shay 3adi therefore I went to Tanyas.

No nail salon i've come across comes close to Tanya. The bar is so high im not sure if any salon in Kuwait can top her.

Shes very creative o girls who care about hygiene will love it when I say that
1) all metal equipment are first washed with disinfectant
2) steralized for 20 mins
3) goes under a UV ray machine
4)Each customer gets their own nail files, she keeps them in an envelope under your name

this is what I got done today... they say a picture is worth a 1000 words..

Got manicure + pedicure + nail art done ib KD17 .. Its expensive but totally worth it

Even better now.. If you book an appointment this week you will get a 10% discount! all you have to do is mention that you saw it on Hi-maintenance blog

I suggest you also try the massage there.. full body Chinese massage is KD10 o the Chinese girl has been to massage schools ya3ni mo shql 5rabei6 ;p you can't go wrong with this

To book an appointment call ; 22520976

No Mosquitos

The only reason I love winter is because I don't see any mosquitoes!!

when its mosquito season I hate going out.. y3ni dgega mn our house lai my car I get at least 3 mosquito bites!! o moshkila when I get them, I don't stop scratching the area o the it becomes red o marat its gets really bad!! So if your like me, I came to a conclusion of the most effective ways to get rid of them

1) put the mosquito light machine everywhere in the garden/ near your car

When I pass by this at night I hear alot of "chik" "chik" sounds like someone is making popcorn .. these machines kill alottttttt

2) Leave a piff-paff/ Raid in your car o 1 in your room

Just incase a mosquito came in the car with u! spray!!

3) wear a mosquito wrist band

It says its best to wear a band on ur wrist o one on your ankle

This band smells weird and does not look good but it does keep mosquitoes away!

Enjoy mosquito free days!!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thank You :*

I was SOOO honored when the sweeties and cutest Hi-Maintenance invited me to post in her blog after I closed my blog for the time being!!!

Thank you darling wallah I'm so excited :* We are very lucky to have a talent like you!!!
God Bless You :***

Inshallah you like my posts :*

Soooo Tarqbooo :P

Have a great weekend everybody :***

eeeh sj b4 I end this post... Check out my Habba song!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it :***

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Valentines nail art

I hate wearing red on valentines but I love decorating my nails with hearts or something thats related to valentines.. Heres what I came up with so far... They're not professionally done, im just trying out things..

Which do you like best? and do you have any other ideas?

Brush Cleansing

You will need:

Dirty brushes, Brush cleanser, water, plastic cup, tissue

I fll my cup 1/4 brush cleansing solution and 3/4 water

swirl one brush at a time

Mixture after:

Brushes after:

squeeze excess water from brush and shape the brush to how you want it

TIP: roll tissue arond the brush to maintain its shape and leave it to dry

TIP: Do not leave your brushes in the solution/ water for too long and make sure no liquid goes to the part where the metal is connected to the wood so that the wood part doesn't come off.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tuesday 26 Jan

Today was a great day for me! awal shay ftkait mn shaqla.. a "thing" and wish this would happen..


I then received an amaaaazing dress. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU SENDER ;*

then I passed by MAC and got more make up; I got my favorite nude-ish lipstick "brave" btw I dont usually buy MAC lipsticks thanks to back to MAC!
I also got lillecent cream blush, I like cream blushes more than powder beccause they blend so well and looks super natural.
and last thing I got was a mineralize skin finish by candelite from the warm and cosy collection.

o passed by ureka got the you write it types device!! can't wait to try it out

oo r7t H&M got a huge off the shoulder sequence top which I think is great for the beach..

Life Keeps Gettn better!! And I cant wait for Friday!!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Iphone cover

My old cover got dirty so I went and repurchased this cover. I Love this!

Its a rubber cover, weyah stand (pictured below) oo an iphone bag

Got it from Digits for KD8


* I did a girls make up yesterday and she looked fab!!!! She let me take a pic of her eye! Yay!!
(products used were all kryolan o the black shadow+ eyeliner is the eyeliner that you add water to)

** My face ga3ed ytgashar like crazzy from the treatment which I've been on for 15 days

*** Im gona do a huge make over soon and post before and after pics!! *excited*

talking about before/after.. I don't see that much of a difference in Heidi Montage ;/

****Who didn't watch Devdas yesterday???? I think everyone did! I kept getting messages "watch MBC MAX "

***** Whos loving the taupe nail polish trend? Im not into this one ;/

Monday, 18 January 2010

Top Touch Website

Another Kuwaiti website that sells clothes.. I actually liked a few things

The website is crappy though, hope they change it.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Could This Be Love?

I don't know how many times I've listened to this.. Love Makes No Promises By Jennifer Lopez


Saturday, 16 January 2010


To all those who have exams this month...

Friday, 15 January 2010

Spa Time Review

After my visit to me time I saw that Spa time was right next to it and the place looked really amazing I knew I had to check it out but didn't have time. however my friend is stressed out because of her exams needed some soothing and whats better than a great relaxing massage to relive the stress?

I called My spa a few days in advance and booked a massage for 2 (in the same room).

Align Leftso we went there yesterday, awal ma dashaina we were greeted nicely o we were served complimentary vanila tea while we went through their menu to choose what kind of massage/ treatment we wanted to go for. I chose lumi lumi massage and my freind chose balinese massage followed by a milk jacuzi bath

After deciding what your getting, you then go into a small changing room theres about 5 of them, you change into the given bathrobe and wear spa time slippers then one of the massage therapists comes, hangs your clothes and puts them in a locker and you place your bag inside too and all your belongings then take the key with you

B3dain you go in a dimmed hallway to your room where the relaxing music is played, awal ma your in you sit in a chair, the massagist srubs your feet and gives it a small massage then you lay on the bed and the massage begins. They then put warm bottles under your arms which feels so good. Ana o my friend were both hyper o nsolf o thi7ik until 5 mins into the massage there was complete silence.

My friend after her 1 hour of massage had a 1/2 hour milk jacuzi and while she was there they got her sliced apples and a glass of water o a cold cloth with an orange scent to it to put on her face and while she was in the jacuzi she had a scalp massage.

After all the massage and jacuzi (which was for an hour and a half) they took us into a dimmed "relaxation room" and they place heat pads on your shoulders o serve more sliced apples o warm tea.

Ok well lets talk about the massage ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what can i say?? It was amaziiinng the lumi lumi massage is a massage and some stretching is involved. It was sooo goooood and im sure its not just for massage lovers coz im not but I loved it!

The interior/ decoration? I loved it mbayin mat3oob 3laih o very well done. The place looked amazing and one of the best spas I've seen! Also, the place was super clean.

Staff? very helpful and they all had smiles on their face and very welcoming.

I will definatly be going there again and highly recommend the place whether your stressed, want to get a massage/ try a treatment, want to spoil youself with a massage on your birthday, they have bridal packages and do gift vouchers and Im sure the girl recieving the gift would love it very much

Their prices are as follows:

Most massages are KD 23- 30 and most treatments are KD 40. Adding additional stuff in the end like jacuzi bath or detox/ underarm whitning/ some kina massage would cost an extra Kd 15 +/-

on your way out, they give you a guide where all their massage/ treatments and prices are listed in.

After all this great stuf who would think something would go wrong??

Well just as I left the avenues I realized that I forgot my necklace and ring. I wasn't happy because I blame them for it you know why? because when you go in the changing room you just take your bag and they bring you all the rest of your stuff. O ana a9lan I didnt want to remove them but YOU HAVE TO. So I had to go back blza7ma o no parkings which made me not as happy as I was when I first left..

spa times avenues : 22598010/20/30

Perfecting the canavas

I’m obsessing with creating perfect, luminous skin therefore I always prepare skin for makeup in all situations. To assist with creating fresh skin, spray a generous amount of M·A·C Fix Plus into cleansed skin (the cucumber and caffenine combo in the Fix+ Spray soothe and wake-up tired skin), and follow with a small face massage using the appropriate moisturizer and working it onto the face and neck – use your fav or use something like strobe liquid or cream .

Applying too much powder or if your face is dry in the beginning your face will pretty much end up looking cakey. spray Fix + at the end of your foundation/ powder routine and that should fix that problem.

**If the skin looks amazing everything else will come together so easily **

Feet care

You will need :
  1. Socks
  2. shower gel
  3. foot cream
  4. nail polish
  5. scrub
  6. something similar to ped egg
  7. Something to fill water with


I filled my feet massager with water and added a few drops of snow fairy by lush

After 15 mins, I removed dead skin using my ped egg

Exfoliated using MAC volcanic ash exfoliator

Applied BeYu 306 nail polish, made a mess and cleaned it afterwards

Applied Bliss rosemary + lemon softning foot balm and massage it in

Covered my foot with bliss softening socks (they contain paraffin in them and you can use them up to 50 times)

Lush available in plaza salmiya
MAC volcanic ash exfoliator from MAC but was limited edition, you might still find it KD 9.500
BeYu nail polish mn jam3yat mishref KD 2.025

Sleep in your socks and wake up to super soft smooth feet!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Chinese food, Feet spa, American Idol..

Wok Master is my one of my favorite chinese restaurants in kuwait! Their food is delicious and their service is amazing 7ata il food packaging cute.

I once ordered chicken Kindu (sweet chicken flavor) and the sauce was just too much. I called them and told them they apologized and offered me a free kindu the next time I went.

Anyways I usually order the same stuff from there; beef chow mien, shrimps on toast, Chicken kindu, vegetable fried rice.

This is a pic of the Beef Chow Mein ( A'z Fav. dish ;) )

Then I showed my feet some Love at home which I will do a more detailed post on

And watched my favorite show ever: American Idol. I actually loved it because of Adam Lambert from last season. I loved all his preformances Ring of fire, tracks of my tears oo feel good and satisfaction I love all his songs!! )

Victoria Beckham was a guest judge on the show today.

How did you spend your thursday??
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