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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Znjbeil Hair treatment

I've been on the Loreal hairloss treatment for a month now and Im seeing a difference and liking it so far. I feel that my hair is getting stronger o lama I brush it may7it like before o bl shower when I wash my hair hardly any hair falls out.

Other than that Loreal treatment I use this chinese znjbeil 7amam zait mixture once a week. It helps soften the hair, detangles it and makes it manageable.

If your interested in trying this mixture, the philipina brings it right to your house.
The cream is KD 23 o the oil is KD 14 you need to mix them together.

Milla 65009415


Anonymous said...

Wow so interesting to see you make a post on this problem! I've faced this same issue recently with my own hair and I'm not so sure what to do about it :(
So I guess I'll try this loreal hair treatment thing, it's just a typical shampoo set thats sold everywhere right?

Um Mit3ib said...

#1 wain ga3ed tsaween the loreal treatment

#2 sheno raqemha 3ashan na6lib the zanjabil treatment?

Mar8adoosh said...

wily y3afeech raqamhaaaa

Hi Maintenance said...

Certainlyuncertain- Ive had this problem for over a year now!! No its not the typical shampoo! you can find it at some salons and in hatha 9alonat place where American beauty is (in salmiya) the 9alon on the 3rd floor its the grey loreal kerastase hair loss treatment

Um Mit3b - I Bought the stuff I mentioned above and use at home

Thought I added the number, will add it in post now

Zabo0o6a said...

I use some ointment from boots esmah sorcier it's a mixture of zanjabeel and garlic

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