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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Brush Cleansing

You will need:

Dirty brushes, Brush cleanser, water, plastic cup, tissue

I fll my cup 1/4 brush cleansing solution and 3/4 water

swirl one brush at a time

Mixture after:

Brushes after:

squeeze excess water from brush and shape the brush to how you want it

TIP: roll tissue arond the brush to maintain its shape and leave it to dry

TIP: Do not leave your brushes in the solution/ water for too long and make sure no liquid goes to the part where the metal is connected to the wood so that the wood part doesn't come off.


Nawarii said...

bobbi brown's is great u should try it

thanks for the tips babe i just love ur blog

Hi Maintenance said...

thanks Nawarii good 2 know ur enjoying it.. madreee wddi ajarib clinique wayed are recommending it.. might give bobbi a try later

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