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Friday, 29 January 2010

No Mosquitos

The only reason I love winter is because I don't see any mosquitoes!!

when its mosquito season I hate going out.. y3ni dgega mn our house lai my car I get at least 3 mosquito bites!! o moshkila when I get them, I don't stop scratching the area o the it becomes red o marat its gets really bad!! So if your like me, I came to a conclusion of the most effective ways to get rid of them

1) put the mosquito light machine everywhere in the garden/ near your car

When I pass by this at night I hear alot of "chik" "chik" sounds like someone is making popcorn .. these machines kill alottttttt

2) Leave a piff-paff/ Raid in your car o 1 in your room

Just incase a mosquito came in the car with u! spray!!

3) wear a mosquito wrist band

It says its best to wear a band on ur wrist o one on your ankle

This band smells weird and does not look good but it does keep mosquitoes away!

Enjoy mosquito free days!!


Zabo0o6a said...


Hi Maintenance said...

looool b3ad shasweee they give me a hard time, they deserve it! :P lool tha7kteni! make sure you don't step on ants then :P

ba6alah said...

Mosquitoes gona find another way to bite :E

Hi Maintenance said...

ba6alah- ima find another way to kill (6)

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