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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Skin/laser randoms

*I met a girl today and we talked about make-up, salons and lasers. She then showed me that she recently got burnt aswell from laser in one of the clinics:-

**I just did laser last week and the hair is already growing oout! Im going to Royal 7ayatt this time!

*** I took an appointment to see a dermatologist (will reveal name later) o 3a6oni mw3d a5ir shahar 6 loool shda3waaa!! So I went today and complained and told them I only want a few questions answered for a uni project that should be submitted by the end of this month!! ... They gave me an appointment this week!! YaY

(clinic the girl was burnt from is called EVA in sh3ib o their number is 25666999)


Bibi said...

Try al Faisal center it's the best and royal hayat is good too

Um Mit3ib said...

its supposed to grow out for the duration of the next week and then start falling of

Hi Maintenance said...

Bibi- royal 7yat it is

Um Mit3ib- I know kl mara y6la3 o i pull them out 1 by one, most of them fell out this time bas some places are stiff and dont want to fall.. ill leave them a few days and see but theyr already long and stiff.

Anonymous said...

Stunning stοry there. What occurrеԁ after?

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