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Friday, 15 January 2010

Perfecting the canavas

I’m obsessing with creating perfect, luminous skin therefore I always prepare skin for makeup in all situations. To assist with creating fresh skin, spray a generous amount of M·A·C Fix Plus into cleansed skin (the cucumber and caffenine combo in the Fix+ Spray soothe and wake-up tired skin), and follow with a small face massage using the appropriate moisturizer and working it onto the face and neck – use your fav or use something like strobe liquid or cream .

Applying too much powder or if your face is dry in the beginning your face will pretty much end up looking cakey. spray Fix + at the end of your foundation/ powder routine and that should fix that problem.

**If the skin looks amazing everything else will come together so easily **


Anonymous said...

You know, most of the time I don't even bother to take care of myself! But every time I get on your blog I feel inspired to try something from your posts!! I feel so interested in experiencing this world of yours as a reader! Great job :D keep it up

Hi Maintenance said...

Thank you for your support, your comment and knowing that i inspire you gave me an incredible feeling :) thanks

Anonymous said...

I second the first anonymous
tomorrow i am planning to go to VaVavoom to buy some make up and will pass by MAC to get M.A.C fix you mentioned

any quick tips on what are the must haves from VaVaVoom as I have no idea

Anonymous said...

intay 3ebara 3an da3ayat MAC;p u should email them ur blog chood tstifeedeen min wara hal da3aya:Pp

Hi Maintenance said...

Anonymous- Thankyou, mako shay 3la bali right now qair dior skin shimmer o make sure you check out that YSL turbo lash vibrating mascara and if your in the avenues one check if they got more of the NARS turkish delight lipgloss, they sell out fast ;/ !! o tell me what you bought later!!

Lemon-aid - I don't see myself talking about mac alot ;x

Anonymous said...

went to Vavavoom marina
got dior shimmer the bronze..did did you recommend the pink as well?

the maskara is not yet there

checked YSL gloss sticks I liked them , bought 2 shades

waiting for more tips as my resolotion is to be pretty and put on some make up

Hi Maintenance said...

omg im soooo sooorrry I ment Estee lauder turbo lash mascara sorrryyy I posted it on my blog before :x

eee I love the pink!! look, if your white/fair the pink 1 is amazing and keep bronze for the summer. If your skin is darker/bronze you should go for bronze and stay away from the pink

I only have 1 YSL gloss stick, they have great lipsticks

great resolution its realistic ;p and im sure ur pretty without makeup.. what else are you looking for?

Anonymous said...

I bought the estee lauder maskara today
I love it thanks

Now I am looking fot tips on

and don't wear foundation but concealer is a must as i have dark circles

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