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Friday, 15 January 2010

Spa Time Review

After my visit to me time I saw that Spa time was right next to it and the place looked really amazing I knew I had to check it out but didn't have time. however my friend is stressed out because of her exams needed some soothing and whats better than a great relaxing massage to relive the stress?

I called My spa a few days in advance and booked a massage for 2 (in the same room).

Align Leftso we went there yesterday, awal ma dashaina we were greeted nicely o we were served complimentary vanila tea while we went through their menu to choose what kind of massage/ treatment we wanted to go for. I chose lumi lumi massage and my freind chose balinese massage followed by a milk jacuzi bath

After deciding what your getting, you then go into a small changing room theres about 5 of them, you change into the given bathrobe and wear spa time slippers then one of the massage therapists comes, hangs your clothes and puts them in a locker and you place your bag inside too and all your belongings then take the key with you

B3dain you go in a dimmed hallway to your room where the relaxing music is played, awal ma your in you sit in a chair, the massagist srubs your feet and gives it a small massage then you lay on the bed and the massage begins. They then put warm bottles under your arms which feels so good. Ana o my friend were both hyper o nsolf o thi7ik until 5 mins into the massage there was complete silence.

My friend after her 1 hour of massage had a 1/2 hour milk jacuzi and while she was there they got her sliced apples and a glass of water o a cold cloth with an orange scent to it to put on her face and while she was in the jacuzi she had a scalp massage.

After all the massage and jacuzi (which was for an hour and a half) they took us into a dimmed "relaxation room" and they place heat pads on your shoulders o serve more sliced apples o warm tea.

Ok well lets talk about the massage ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what can i say?? It was amaziiinng the lumi lumi massage is a massage and some stretching is involved. It was sooo goooood and im sure its not just for massage lovers coz im not but I loved it!

The interior/ decoration? I loved it mbayin mat3oob 3laih o very well done. The place looked amazing and one of the best spas I've seen! Also, the place was super clean.

Staff? very helpful and they all had smiles on their face and very welcoming.

I will definatly be going there again and highly recommend the place whether your stressed, want to get a massage/ try a treatment, want to spoil youself with a massage on your birthday, they have bridal packages and do gift vouchers and Im sure the girl recieving the gift would love it very much

Their prices are as follows:

Most massages are KD 23- 30 and most treatments are KD 40. Adding additional stuff in the end like jacuzi bath or detox/ underarm whitning/ some kina massage would cost an extra Kd 15 +/-

on your way out, they give you a guide where all their massage/ treatments and prices are listed in.

After all this great stuf who would think something would go wrong??

Well just as I left the avenues I realized that I forgot my necklace and ring. I wasn't happy because I blame them for it you know why? because when you go in the changing room you just take your bag and they bring you all the rest of your stuff. O ana a9lan I didnt want to remove them but YOU HAVE TO. So I had to go back blza7ma o no parkings which made me not as happy as I was when I first left..

spa times avenues : 22598010/20/30


Anonymous said...

Alaah that sounds nice , I want to try the milk bath shawagni ;p

Bs 7araam that your relaxation was ruined because you had to go back for your jewelry biza7ma !! That's why I hate Spa in malls !!

You should try Banyan Tree (Royal) its simply amazing ;p the dressing room is inside the massage room and they have this small jewelry box where you can put your things. O before you leave the masseuse check if you forgot something ;p so this will be perfect in your case ;p

Itha ma ri7tay I'm gonna get you a gift voucher to check it out and pamper yourself ;p

AO ;*

Hi Maintenance said...

AO- Its not real milk! its powder lol chan zain bath filled with REAL milk!!

Yes it was wlmoshkla I left avenues I was near the high way!! and when I went back I remembered you yom gltay b4 u hate spa at malls

I will try Banyan tree next!! spa time did have a jellery box and they took it with my clothes but when I went to change they just brought back my clothes AND THATS WHY ITS THEIR FAULT cuz THEY take your stuff and THEY bring them back!

I will go banyan next but that was so nice of u ;*

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