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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Listerine Smart rinse Kids

I LOOOVEEE THIS!!! Its soo much fun! o0o Since we were talking about teeth in the previous post, you girls should definitely check the listerine mouthwash KIDS

Its not a normal mouthwash, lma you rinse the food that comes out becomes highlighted. Did you get what I mean???

This is what's written on the bottle :"Goes around the whole mouth, reaching teeth, gums and tongue. It attracts and tints the bits that brushing misses, showing your child the proof in the sink."

Comes in green (mint) and orange (mild berry).

I got mine from the states chinna mn Target. I promise next posts will be stuff you can get in kuwait ;x


Anonymous said...

you can found it in sultan center
i bought one, long time ago

Hi Maintenance said...

9ij?? I never saw it ;x .. great ili ybi ejrba knows where to find it now thanks for the info

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