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Friday, 15 January 2010

Feet care

You will need :
  1. Socks
  2. shower gel
  3. foot cream
  4. nail polish
  5. scrub
  6. something similar to ped egg
  7. Something to fill water with


I filled my feet massager with water and added a few drops of snow fairy by lush

After 15 mins, I removed dead skin using my ped egg

Exfoliated using MAC volcanic ash exfoliator

Applied BeYu 306 nail polish, made a mess and cleaned it afterwards

Applied Bliss rosemary + lemon softning foot balm and massage it in

Covered my foot with bliss softening socks (they contain paraffin in them and you can use them up to 50 times)

Lush available in plaza salmiya
MAC volcanic ash exfoliator from MAC but was limited edition, you might still find it KD 9.500
BeYu nail polish mn jam3yat mishref KD 2.025

Sleep in your socks and wake up to super soft smooth feet!!


Anonymous said...

I got the ped egg and couldn't use it properly
anu tips

Anonymous said...

min wayn il dlaaa8:P

Hi Maintenance said...

anonymous- why couldn't you use it properly? just make sure ur feet are damp. Ped egg is an amazing tool

Lemon aid- Its by bliss. Bliss is sold at most sephoras (we dont have it in kuwait yet) or big departments stores like macys.. I got mine from Selfridges UK. I think covering your feet with vasline and sleeping with ur socks on will give similar effects

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