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Friday, 25 February 2011

I *heart* Soug ilmbarkiiiyaaa

I lovee going there!! check out what I found bl soog this time

I got..

MINX knock offs!! they have all the minx designs and they're just for 750 fils

im gona try on the gold lightning o if its good ill go back and get the rest ;D

head band stand for 3KD

and lipstick holders for 1KD

and then end the day with either having dinner at one of the local restaurants or 7aleib o hail

Yabeeeelaa another visit to mbarkiya agaaain soon!

Happy National & Liberation day Q8 ;*

Happy 50 * Happy 20 * Happy 5

50th year of independance
20th liberation day
and 5th years of 5th year of His Highness the Amir's assumption of power

I loved google today


Time for me to go celebrate with the things I got from B ;*

Bling for the cell phone


oo mabrook 3l 1,000 .. hope u spend it wisely :Pp

*cake by WoW

Friday, 18 February 2011

Tonights Full Moon

Is being held by Bibi

Kids doing 7ina gloves..

today I spotted around 5 kids with 7ina gloves so I asked one of them if I could take a pic..

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

cracked nail polish

I went and tried out this new nail polish that cracks at Tanyas salon

I chose a green/yellow and black cuz I wanted snake skin effect..

Chose a yellow base

and then the black cracking nail polish

nail polish cracking! funnn

Final results...

I like it!! and I think this would look hot with 7ina gloves

Got this done at Tanya salon for KD5

Habba- 7inna gloves

Picture from triple salon - surra

what do you think of this new habba?
 yay nay?
 I say yay but some designs are not good ;p

Monday, 7 February 2011

Ryoog and Strawberry Millie Fille

Finally got the chance to try out "ryoog"!
 we got there around 12 and the place was full!! *unexpected*
 if you wanted a place inside you had to wait and a few families were already waiting.
The weather was nice so we sat out o they have a really cute garden

I also came up with a new dessert :P inspired by my fav. lorenzos strawberry millie fille
if you try it tell me if its worth starting a business :P (JK)
You will need:

 Bon appetit!!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

DeEmZz/ Me Time / Tanya

I tried different nail art at 3 different salons recently

after last times really bad 7inna experience, I still gave deemz another go and glad I did because I was impressed!

 we tried on many different colors until I decided on the ones I wanted

you all know I love Tanya salon but her marble art was really bad.. I told her I didnt like it but she didnt do anything about it so I  removed it as soon as I got home

looks like a complete mess anyone disagrees?

and last was at Me Time I got the red and gold minx which I quite like but I dont know why minx dont stay on my nails more than 2 days then the ends start to peel off and become annoying!

Right now my favourite place for nail art is......


Because they let me try on alot of designs and colors and they seemed happy about it :D
the girl that did my nails was Deema and price of marble art was KD 5
DeEmzZ 25714282
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