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Sunday, 6 February 2011

DeEmZz/ Me Time / Tanya

I tried different nail art at 3 different salons recently

after last times really bad 7inna experience, I still gave deemz another go and glad I did because I was impressed!

 we tried on many different colors until I decided on the ones I wanted

you all know I love Tanya salon but her marble art was really bad.. I told her I didnt like it but she didnt do anything about it so I  removed it as soon as I got home

looks like a complete mess anyone disagrees?

and last was at Me Time I got the red and gold minx which I quite like but I dont know why minx dont stay on my nails more than 2 days then the ends start to peel off and become annoying!

Right now my favourite place for nail art is......


Because they let me try on alot of designs and colors and they seemed happy about it :D
the girl that did my nails was Deema and price of marble art was KD 5
DeEmzZ 25714282


Noona said...

i loved the last one mal me time... tanya's saloon wayed 7ilo bs maybe their not so good with nails.. i love their faicals..

Hi Maintenance said...

Noona- laa I love getting mani/pedi at Tanya bs the nail art wasnt good this time in my opinion.. you should def try her for a mani/pedi

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