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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bedroom makeover - Lightings


Take a look..
I added spotlights...

itha2a ma5fiyya..

ALL LIGHTS ON (spotlight, ma5fi and fibre) ..

Fibre lights on their own

You get to choose the brightness of the light and the color and shade and if you want flashes or it to fade/ smooth etc alot of options..

Im moving back in my room now (YAYYY)... new furniture will come by the end of the week.. not sure if ill post more bedroom makeover pics.. depends.. let me know if your interested ;p

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Minx in dubai

Minx will be exhibiting at the Who’s Next & Premiere Classe tradeshow at the Jumeraih Hotel in Dubai, October 19-21, 2010  This is the perfect opportunity to see for yourself all of our stunning new designs, and to meet the Minxes themselves! 

Bedroom makeover- Paint

After changing the decor and waiting for it to dry, it was then time for the next proccess ..


The decor took 5 days to dry
sbaq came on wednesday to fix places where the wall was cracked/ made it even and then pained a grey layer

He came again on thursday to paint a second/final layer;

I went with grey because theres alot of mirrors in my room :P
 and I think grey and mirrors= (Y)

and I think I made a good choice! <3 the color

I might add lace wall paper later? not sure yet ;p will decide so0o0on and let you know! :D

If your one of the girls thats interested in knowing more details about the sbaaq;
he took KD 70
1 room
fixed the wall and painted
grey shade # is S3000N
and his no. is 66665785

Friday, 8 October 2010

Gossip girls

Im a big fan of Gossip girl, fa 7bait a7e6 chum sha'3la e3jebatny in season 4 :))

blazer: Emilio pucci

shoes: brain atwood loca

pants: tibi

bag: chanel -st.tropez- classic flap bag


pants: suno wide leg

I really like the pants :) what do think?



Nose strips

I've always used biore nose stips because they were whats available at the CO-OP
+ they're very popular

But there was just 1 thing I didn't like about them;
Sometimes when you apply a little too much water to your nose, then apply the strip, the strip tears and there.. a strip wasted!

anyway, my freind was raving about some charcoal nose strips she got from boots and I never imagined charcoal as a nose strip so I had to get them and see what they were about..

The nose strip is black and has a better shape to fit the nose AND my biore problem was solved because these charcoal strips are very thick therefore it doesnt matter if you applied way too much water to your nose before applying the strip!

I loved them!! They also clean the nose from black and white heads better than the biore.. but be a little careful as I once left them way too long ( maybe an hour when your supposed to just leave them on for 15 minutes) and it peeled off a thin layer of my skin ;(

These strips have now replaced my biore .. I use them once a week

If you want to try these nose strips there available at boots (got mine from the one at plaza hawalli)
and they're for KD2.400

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Bedroom makeover- Decor

Im giving my bedroom a complete makeover.. after removing out every single item including cleanind out my closet.. my room was ready for its makeover

The first step was changing the decor...

The mess they make! ;@

nearly done

final decor

I decided to go with a few spot lights and itha2a ma5fiya...
 then in the middle square I might add fiber lights ( I think thats what they call it) ili e9eeir nfs stars in the sky <3 ..
 Just the decor change took 5 days.. I hope the next processes take shorter times!!

by tuesday they will start painting the room.. and Ill show you the updates then!! :D
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