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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Bedroom makeover- Paint

After changing the decor and waiting for it to dry, it was then time for the next proccess ..


The decor took 5 days to dry
sbaq came on wednesday to fix places where the wall was cracked/ made it even and then pained a grey layer

He came again on thursday to paint a second/final layer;

I went with grey because theres alot of mirrors in my room :P
 and I think grey and mirrors= (Y)

and I think I made a good choice! <3 the color

I might add lace wall paper later? not sure yet ;p will decide so0o0on and let you know! :D

If your one of the girls thats interested in knowing more details about the sbaaq;
he took KD 70
1 room
fixed the wall and painted
grey shade # is S3000N
and his no. is 66665785


Anonymous said...

Tyaniiin 3allaichh bil3afya;**

Hi Maintenance said...

Thanks allah y3afeech :**

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