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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

GYM- Stretch Fitness

I never really talk about gyms I joins because I usually just go for the first few days,
 but this gym was different and I highly recommend it
recently I joined Stretch fitness, its a new gym that opened at the beginning of this year in the new complex infront of geant easy in salmiya
I went to have a look at it and even though many people dont like their location, I kinda liked it
I also liked how clean the gym was,
how its really big o shar7,
not too crowded,
the equipment they have are very advanced and I have not seen them at any gym before,
classes they offer,
their pool
and the price.
They have over 80 cardio machines including treadmils, bikes, stair master, steppers and rowing all equipted with TV's

Semi- Olympic indoor pool
I loveee the pool and its so clean!

their squash court was built by McWil which is a world wide recognized brand 

they also have a spa and a VIP gym which includes "milon curcuit" equipment

Classes they offer are:
  • Aqua aerobics
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Spinning
  • fit ball
  • steps
  • belly dancing

you can also hire 1 of their staff as a personal trainer
price? they had an offer when I first joined 2 months for 100KD but it finished now
the other offer they have thats still on is 14 months for KD360 + free massage

For more information call:
woman: 2227 4991/2
men: 22274995/6
or visit LINK

New products

I got a few interesting products I cant wait to use

  • Nexxus pro-mend split end binding leave in treatment creme
Theres a whole line on this nexus split end binding stuff;
 Shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment creme,over night treatment and styling spray

I just have the leave in treatment creme for now, If I like it.. Ill get the rest of the line..

  • Josie maran match maker serum foundation
a liquid foundation that goes on white and then adjusts to match your skin tone..
This product was recommended by the lovely AO

  • L'oreal professional aminexil advanced omega 6 - expert serie

This is a hairloss treatment the salon recommended to me .. Im gona start using it this weekend

Has anyone tried any of these products?

Friday, 10 June 2011

Bithday Girl :D


This is the birthday girl speaking!!

well it was my birthday on wednesday but im still celebrating :P

I didn't do anything crazy or different other than celebrated my birthday 3 times so far
June 7th I had dinner with the family at lorenzo
June 8th I had dinner at OFK with friends
and June 9th I had lunch at pizzetta
o inshallah I will be blowing out candles 1 more time this year!!

Heres how I had my nails and hair

On my nails, I decided to go for the
(Inspired by the whitning strip post lol) ..

and my hair.. Farrah fawcett-ing? maybe ;p

THANKYOU to everyone who sent me birthday wishes
on twitter and email <3

Nails (just color) done at NailIT with janet - 22658869 price 2KD

Hair done at Laila Harmony with Maryam  - Price 25KD

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

1 Lucky Girl!!

My friend sent me this video and I watched it right after finishing my makeup

and guess what happened while I watched it..

If theres any guys reading.. PLEASE, WATCH and LEARN

yeppppp my make up was ruined!!!!!!.. My eyes were filled with happy tears!!

so sweet <3

Whiter teeth

Im not a tea or coffee person so my teeth are already kind of white 
and I have used crest 14 days whitning strips years ago and some useless whitening gels

Now I've decided to whiten my teeth a shade or 2,
so I visited a few dentists seeing what they would recommend/ suggest..

anyway I took non of the dentists advice ;P and I decided to just clean my teeth and then decide if I needed to do any of the advanced whitning stuff..

So I went and got my teeth cleaned
(you should be doing this every 6 or so months)
at one of the priate clinics but the mstaw9af is just as good.. and I did see a bit of a diffrence..

and then a day after (today) I got my Crest 2 hours whitning strips
(They're awsome if you want to see fast results)

Each whitestip box contains 4 packets but you can only use 1 every 3+ months

The strips are really thick! unline the old ones crest used to make,
theyre very firm and stick to the teeth very well!

Left the strips on for 2 hours and Im happy with the results!
Crest strips are the best in whitning!

I got the strips from Bed Bath & Beyond NY for $34.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Celebrity Tattoos

Felt like sharing a few of my fav celeb tattoos.. I've done some of these with 7ina..




nicole richie

Which celeb tattoo is your fav?
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