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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Celebrity Tattoos

Felt like sharing a few of my fav celeb tattoos.. I've done some of these with 7ina..




nicole richie

Which celeb tattoo is your fav?


Byootiful said...

I love NR's little wings, if tattoos were 7lal ill def do this one ;p the Shhh one i saw it on lohan before nth special a7s!

Byootiful said...

Rihannas stars tattoo ive seen it on Shoojy kam marah i wonder if its permenant tattoo!! What do u think? (am sorry i always post my comments twice kela ansa shu baktb lol)

Hi Maintenance said...

Get it done with 7ina! I really like the shhh I do that 1 the most ;p.. madre 3an shooji I dont watch any of her shows, dont like her :x lol .. its ok u can comment as much as u want :*

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