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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

1 Lucky Girl!!

My friend sent me this video and I watched it right after finishing my makeup

and guess what happened while I watched it..

If theres any guys reading.. PLEASE, WATCH and LEARN

yeppppp my make up was ruined!!!!!!.. My eyes were filled with happy tears!!

so sweet <3


NSB said...


i commented on a the hair post earlier on, but it seems you didn't see it.

could you please give recommendations for hair colorists in kuwait? i won't be travelling abroad his summer and i'm at loss, i want someone who can give me the right hair color that i want -brown tones- without it turning into the awful brassy color that looks so artifical.


really appreciate it

Hi Maintenance said...

Sorry NSB :*
I did see it, I just prefer answering questions like yours if it was sent by email
Can you just email me saying your NSB and ill get back to you with a few suggestions.. n_makeupartist@live.com

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