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Saturday, 16 April 2011


Last nights updo

By sherine @ Beautiqe

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Recent purcases

 Stores are filled with great peices! heres a few of what I got this week..


River Island





Tuesday, 12 April 2011

MUA: Abeer Al Yaseen

Owner of Glamour salon Abeer Al Yaseen
has now uploaded her videos from 9ba7 al wa6an onto Youtube

Thanks to Abeer for sending me her link ;*

Monday, 11 April 2011

Jabriya Salons - Beautiqe

Im sure everyone is familiar with beautiqe,
 its also one of the salons I pass by frequently for over a year now!

Shrein has to be one of the TOP updo stylists in Kuwait, her hair styles are very simple/ european style  and their prices are very affordable! (usually KD25)

I do have an old pic of an updo shrein once did for me, you can look for it somewhere on my blog

but I also get a package of blow dry

5 blowdrys and get the 6th free for 20KD..

I blow dry my hair nearly everyday now after the gym so I prefer going to shrein because she uses less heat on the hair and Im also trying to get it back to good condition

and I highly recommend letting SUMI wash your hair and give you a head massage, shes amazing.

Appointments are usually booked really fast, so make sure you call early

and to all beautique fans..

Beautique is opening its second branch in Keifan next month!

Big Thank You to Anda for telling me about this salon :*

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Dereon Temp. Tattoos

Speaking of 7ina and tattoos..
 I got the Dereon temporary tattoos by beyonce last time I was at NY
 and Im quite dissapointed by them..

 I liked the designs, chains o spiders... bs they were too tiny!
each sheet is around 14 x 14 cm
theres 8 sheets; 4 different desings (2 of each)  in each packet

I think she was inspired by miryam faris when she did the tattoo for the back.. what do you guys think?

This tattoo is not as big as it looks like on beyonce.. its just the size of my hand ;(

I wish it had a better/ stronger staying power.. It didnt last, stayed on for 2 days I think..

they were for just $16 and I got it from Sephora (NY)

I think they're available at Walk in closet, burj Jassim

Friday, 1 April 2011

Jabriya Salons - Nada Bella

Someone asked my what salons I go to near zero degrees so I thought why not, tell u about each salon I go to in JABRIYA.. might cover another area later bs 9ij jabriya has ALOT of salons!

Im gona start off with nada bella since I was there recently..

I know I know the building is really old o the salon is dirty o ilmokan klsh mayshajji3 and the parking area is really bad ..

BUT I really like Leesha; an indonisian girl that does 7ina designs... you show her what design you want o tathbu6a.. Leesha from Nada bella is my fav when it comes to body art.

heres a design that I can show you.. It may not reflect how good she is but I cant put the others on the web ;p

Price of this scorpio? KD 2

I have not tried any other service at Nada Bella

If you want to give the salon a try they are located right above babak restaurant

Tel: 25323120

-Ps: pass by zero degrees when your done!!
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