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Friday, 1 April 2011

Jabriya Salons - Nada Bella

Someone asked my what salons I go to near zero degrees so I thought why not, tell u about each salon I go to in JABRIYA.. might cover another area later bs 9ij jabriya has ALOT of salons!

Im gona start off with nada bella since I was there recently..

I know I know the building is really old o the salon is dirty o ilmokan klsh mayshajji3 and the parking area is really bad ..

BUT I really like Leesha; an indonisian girl that does 7ina designs... you show her what design you want o tathbu6a.. Leesha from Nada bella is my fav when it comes to body art.

heres a design that I can show you.. It may not reflect how good she is but I cant put the others on the web ;p

Price of this scorpio? KD 2

I have not tried any other service at Nada Bella

If you want to give the salon a try they are located right above babak restaurant

Tel: 25323120

-Ps: pass by zero degrees when your done!!


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