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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Newspaper nails

The other night I was watching this video on Youtube on how to get newspaper nail art,
                                                                                                                                         its pretty cool..

I think it was a featured video or something
because I dont usually watch nail videos..
 and Im not sure how I got there!

Well anyway, looks like I wasnt the only person watching it that night because I wake up the very next moring and the next thing I see is a few nail salons posting pics on Twitter and FB with newspaper nail art and they've added a tag saying something like "You saw it first here"!!

ummmm lol? No I saw it first on YOUTUBE!

Its funny how nail spas copy and then start acting like trendsetters!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Fadia El Mendelek in Kuwait

Need a new hair cut or color but not sure where to get it done??..

Fadia el Mendelek is coming to kuwait on 24th and 25th September
 (which is tomorrow and after tomorrow!!)
at Kajal salon- Surra

Shes done Mia Diab's (from the 4 Cats)  gorgous ash blonde locks

check out more of Fadias work here

For more details/information and bookings call Kajal salon on 25350855

Benefit + Troy Jensen

Another smart move by benefit cosmetics;
 having creative product names and packages now they've collaborated with Troy!
Loved the video

I think im going to get watts upp now!

Troy Jensen is a celeb makeup artist.. hes done make up for Kim K, J-Lo, Cindy crawford..
For more on Troy visit his blog
or follow him on twitter
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