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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Queen Nails?

When I read about queen nails on a blog, I thought it was a pretty cool/ fun idea to try them when I dont feel like going out. Queen nails is basically an at home nail service. So I called them and took an appointment on the same day and they came on time. They come dressed in their queen nails pants and top, and bring u tea, a magazine, play music (but they said it doesnt work lol) and give u a rose. The set up is amazing i really liked it. Now to the not so good part(which is what theyr supposed to be good at),I was very dissapointed when they started doing my nails, the girls seem un-experienced and to be honest i think they're just domestic workers. They cut alot of cuticle, everything just wasnt done properly even their nail polish is dry. In the end they gave me a paper to write what i thought of their service and I wrote it was really bad, and I told the girls too. I expected a call from the owner or something but no one called... Dont waste your money on them girls.. They took KD 16 for a french manicure and a pedicure.
Bad nails= Queen nails

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Quick Recommendation

I just wanted to write about how great BIO OIL is! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT PRODUCT! seriously! ... For several months I`ve have flakey skin around my hip area and it showed that it was going to turn into stretch marks. So i was constantly applying vasline and after a month I switched to baby oil with no luck, then one night I remembered that I had Bio Oil somewhere in the bathroom. So many people have recommended bio oil but I just have too many products and never really used it until ... now. And within 1 week there was A huge improvement in my skin in that area! just 1 week, morning and night. Im sure that by week two, the area will be just like it used to be.

For those who have not yet discovered bio oil, here is a quick list what bio oil can be used for ;
*Stretch marks
*Uneven skin tone
*Aging skin
*Dehydrated skin

even if you don't have any problems with your skin now, its better to take care of it to prevent anything later.

Bio Oil is found in Boots
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