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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Nail stickers

Remember the minx or sticker nails I got from mbarkia a while back?
well, I finally tried them

I know I made a mess but it is my first attempt! :P I'll try again

I used a lamp to get the sticker warm but I think it would have been better to use a blowdryer

  while I was doing my nails,
I was watching J-lo's "Im into you" vid o at 00:15 where they put on her nails,
 tithakart wa7da who usually has the exact zebra/ stripe stickers on her nails!
she told me that she gets her stickers from jam3iyat ilgrain (3)
for just 1 KD

I also found stickers at mujamma3 il9aloonat or lothaina or whatever you wana call it
3nd il nsaem...

whats funny is what they named them!!!

Sticker athafir islaaami!!  :x :x :x

they had many designs including striped ones bs the stripes are really thin I didnt like it much

what I hate about these stickers or minx is that when u remove them, you damage your nail ..
does that only happen with me??

imma try again and see how it goes ;D

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A hair post

Hi All

lets start with a story :D

     Once upon a time, there was this girl with me at uni who had gorgeous hair.. she happened to be a freinds friend so I asked my friend to ask her where does she dyes her hair??
chan my freind says hathi nou3ha matgool! my friend continued by saying .. her skin is always tanned o she has tan streaks in winter and when I asked her what tanning product do you use? she replied with " this is my natural colour!"

My friend didnt bother asking her about her hair for me and later I find out that shes related to one of my cousins!! I liked this girls hair color! So I let my auntie ask her where she dyes her hair.. ya3ni my auntie is a little old .. why would she not wana tell her? she told her shes goes to cutting edge with Diana

anyway i went to cutting edge o they dont have any Diana there and never did :)

How about today we cover the popular lies??;-
  • 1) mo mn il kuwait/ I dont get it done in kuwait
  • 2) its natural
  • 3) mmm nsait ismha
  • 4) wa7da tyeelna il bait o I dont have her number, its with my mom / friend
  • 5) She doesn't work here anymore.. safarat
what else did I miss?? Hmmmm
                                                          e7m e7m.. Now on to the post :D
last year I dyed my hair at this salon in kuwait and probably the best hair color I ever had!!

then my roots started growing and I was about to dye it then  it came out the " ombre hair " .
 Perfect reason to not dye your roots and give your hair a break!!

recently I decided to re-dye my hair since my b-day is comming up soon.. I need to look fresh...

              I traveled for a very quick trip got my hair colored and came back...

the color was a little too light and it was gona get lighter and lighter with each wash..
and darker suited me more so instead of re-dying it I just did a rinsage..
and lately im loving my hair, it looks healthy and the color is PERFECT !!
Im also loving this new hair style that I do at this one salon ;p ..


Ok thats it ;P

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Happy Birthday AO!!

You know what time it is?!!!

Happy birthday to you,
 happy birthday to youuu,
 happy birthday dear AO
 happy birthday to you


A slice of this orchid cake goes to all the people who read the blog

Wish you a wonderful day, month and year :**
happy birhday once again <3

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