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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Nail stickers

Remember the minx or sticker nails I got from mbarkia a while back?
well, I finally tried them

I know I made a mess but it is my first attempt! :P I'll try again

I used a lamp to get the sticker warm but I think it would have been better to use a blowdryer

  while I was doing my nails,
I was watching J-lo's "Im into you" vid o at 00:15 where they put on her nails,
 tithakart wa7da who usually has the exact zebra/ stripe stickers on her nails!
she told me that she gets her stickers from jam3iyat ilgrain (3)
for just 1 KD

I also found stickers at mujamma3 il9aloonat or lothaina or whatever you wana call it
3nd il nsaem...

whats funny is what they named them!!!

Sticker athafir islaaami!!  :x :x :x

they had many designs including striped ones bs the stripes are really thin I didnt like it much

what I hate about these stickers or minx is that when u remove them, you damage your nail ..
does that only happen with me??

imma try again and see how it goes ;D


Byootiful said...

Never had minx before. But the video makes it sound easy! Gonna try it

doona said...

Shako islami ya3ny? Atwaqa3 hamm may9er we pray before we remove it ;p

LadyB said...

Minx usually dries your nails its among the instructions :/

Hi Maintenance said...

Byootiful- I love the way minx look! :D

doona- no they mean that you can peel them off anytime/anywhere .. you dont need acetone

LadyB- Ive watched a few videos on YT on minx o stickers and when they remove them, their nail is perfectly fine!

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