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Thursday, 26 May 2011

A hair post

Hi All

lets start with a story :D

     Once upon a time, there was this girl with me at uni who had gorgeous hair.. she happened to be a freinds friend so I asked my friend to ask her where does she dyes her hair??
chan my freind says hathi nou3ha matgool! my friend continued by saying .. her skin is always tanned o she has tan streaks in winter and when I asked her what tanning product do you use? she replied with " this is my natural colour!"

My friend didnt bother asking her about her hair for me and later I find out that shes related to one of my cousins!! I liked this girls hair color! So I let my auntie ask her where she dyes her hair.. ya3ni my auntie is a little old .. why would she not wana tell her? she told her shes goes to cutting edge with Diana

anyway i went to cutting edge o they dont have any Diana there and never did :)

How about today we cover the popular lies??;-
  • 1) mo mn il kuwait/ I dont get it done in kuwait
  • 2) its natural
  • 3) mmm nsait ismha
  • 4) wa7da tyeelna il bait o I dont have her number, its with my mom / friend
  • 5) She doesn't work here anymore.. safarat
what else did I miss?? Hmmmm
                                                          e7m e7m.. Now on to the post :D
last year I dyed my hair at this salon in kuwait and probably the best hair color I ever had!!

then my roots started growing and I was about to dye it then  it came out the " ombre hair " .
 Perfect reason to not dye your roots and give your hair a break!!

recently I decided to re-dye my hair since my b-day is comming up soon.. I need to look fresh...

              I traveled for a very quick trip got my hair colored and came back...

the color was a little too light and it was gona get lighter and lighter with each wash..
and darker suited me more so instead of re-dying it I just did a rinsage..
and lately im loving my hair, it looks healthy and the color is PERFECT !!
Im also loving this new hair style that I do at this one salon ;p ..


Ok thats it ;P


doona said...

shino ya3ny rinsage?

oh and also, one of my freinds dyes her hair at dessange and the other at eden...beautiful results ;) also, if you keratin after you dye your hair it really does wonders :)

ps: i miss your frequent posts ;*

Hi Maintenance said...

Rinsage is like a toner; blends in higlights making them look more natural o it tones down the hair color.. also a great option i your hair is/turning orange...
thanks ;D wallah madre im not intrested in keratin ;x
inshallah ill try to post more often ;*

Byootiful said...

Mashalla loving ur hair color after rinsage! Post more i heart ur blog <3

Byootiful said...

Oh and about the lies, i seriously dunu why girls do that i mean ill be flattered if someome ask me abt my hair/clothes :) nas sick

doona said...


Oo where can one buy this rinsage? Or where can i get it done?

Hi Maintenance said...

byootiful- thanks!! inshallah, will do.. they like 2 keep the beauty secrets for them selves, m3na every1 can look beautiful in a diferent way.. bs 3la goltich, nas sick

Doona- you can get it done at ANY salon, its the same thing.. like a shampoo they leave it on for 5-15 mins then wash and they shouldnt charge you for more than 10KD on it! (most places charge 10KD)

NSB said...

the hair color is gorgeous! and loving the pic of your hair when it was done with a curling iron.. do you mind mentioning which salon did the "fair" for u?

plus ... is it ok to ask the hairstylist to only have a strand of hair colored first ... so i can get to see what the color will look like?

i really wanna color it a rich chocolate brown .. but i'm hesitant cuz i've never colored my hair before... just highlights.

I've been told zizzi at Blush salon is good for color ... do you recommend her?

Thaaaanks a lot & appreciate your help :)

Anonymous said...

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