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Friday, 27 February 2009

salon brigitte

So today i gave Salon Brigitte the chance of doing my hair. Its the salon under Marina hotel for those who dont know it. Well anyways I went there because Ive seen a few girls and relatives at weddings who had their hair done there and their hair was perfect. Actually, some of the best updos I've seen.

When I got there I asked for Nada, the hairstylist people recommended to me and I asked her for natural beach waves since I had no real occasion. After an hour I got a.. hmmm nu9 tasree7a. Half hair done up and ALOOOT OF SPRAY. so not natural.

I would go back to them for weddings though. shes really good at doing updo's and curls and all but expect a whole can of spray on your hair.

If you want to go there for your next party or whatever occasion you have their number is 2 2248338 - 2 2248337 (book inadvance)

Menstrual Pain (cramps)

Menstrual cramps range from mild to severe. Some periods become nightmares due to their severe cramps. When a woman has severe menstrual cramps the pain is so bad that the woman is literally disabled. They miss work or school, dont eat on the first days, throw up.
I consider those who feel no pain at all lucky. Even if it was just a headache or simple abdomenal pain.

Here are a few ways to reduce this pain


*Get regular exercise.
light exercise can relieve menstrual cramp pain by raising endorphin levels. Swimming or walking can also help alot.

*Eat fish or Any omega 3 products.
(you can get omega 3 products as pills or you can find foods in the supermarket that say "omega-3")

*Vitamin B.

*Drink lots of water and herbal tea to get rid of cramps.
(stay hydrated)

Stay away from

(coffe/ tea/ coke)

*While your menstruating you should avoid eating dairy and beef.

*Stay away cheese burgers and fries (junk food is a big no-no).

*Avoid sweets and chocolates.

The first and often most effective relief for menstrual cramps is an OTC pain reliever like

Aspirin/ buprofen/ Midol/ Ponestan/ Tylenol / Panadol/ Advil

Remember that every woman is diffrent, what works for me might not work for you. I've tried Ponestan, Buprofen, Panadol and Midol but only Midol worked.

When in pain, apply heat to your abdomen (water bottle/ heating pads).

If your period is still painful, its best to see a doctor (gynecologist).

Tell us what you do to reduce period pain!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Lush - Baby Face

I passed by Lush a few days ago and got the baby face soap which is supposed to be good at removing make-up.
1st time I tried it, I rubbed it like any other soap between my palms and then massage the foam on my face. But this soap if made out of oils so you should take the bar, and gently rub the back of it onto your face. If I have a Lot of eye make-up on, gently rub it over my eyes. It melts easily into the make-up and is best used for cleansing skin before bedtime, because it's a bit oily and you will not need moisturizer afterwards (feels like a layer of vaseline on your face). Baby Face does wonders for dry/sensitive skin.
well anyways... I didnt really like it because its a little bit too oily for me.

Is it just me or does anyone else think that this baby face looks creepy?

Staying at home?

If you've decided to stay at home these 2 days here are 2 girlie ideas u can have fun with. Do for yourself or on others.

Idea 1 using nailpolish

1) Draw Kuwaits flag on your nails. First off, start with a pencil and design how it will look like.
2) Fill in the red and green parts with nail polish.
3) get an earbud and remove nailpolish to make the lines straight.
4) Fill in the center with white nail polish
5) At the tip (where you put the white paint when applying ur french tips) put black nail polis

(pics will be posted later)

Idea 2 using make up

Draw the kuwaiti flag using eyeshadows on your eyelid.
you can do it in many diffrent ways..But i prefer black on crease, red part in rims, green on the edge and white in the center.

Have fun and let me know how things go

3eed ilwa6ani 25/ 26 feb

For those who would like to sing along ; -

وطني وطن النهار
انت النهار ياوطنى
انت الامل لي هل
وانت النهار لي طل
آه .. يا وطن
ياللي انولدت من جديد
انت محيط الارض يا موج البحار
وطن النهار
وياك .. عبرت الزمن
الله اشكثر ياكويت:
يـــا كــويــت
قلبي خفق يا كويت
يـــا كــويــت
شلتج بيوفي وطن وطن
انت الوطن بس انت
انت الاصل بس انت
انت الحياة بس انت
غضبن على الآلام
ترجع وطن من جديد
آه .. يا وطن
ياللي انولدت من جديد
انت محيط الارض يا موج البحار
وطن النهار

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بدر بورسلي

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

get a designer desktop


Bourjois Khol and Contour Eyeliner

Has to be the best black pencil eyeliner out there! Its SUPER black, goes smoothly, lasts and is only for 3KD!!! Compare this with the pencil eyeliner you are currently using and see the difference.

Check out the whole bourjois stand.. more expensive products aren't always better.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Comming Up...

* Salon Miss Bridgette
* Permanent make-up
* Update Your Desktop
* LUSH - baby face
* Holiday Nails
* Salon Fatma Style
* Pencil eyeliner

Saturday, 21 February 2009

EyeLash extensions.. Draw attention to your eyes

Eyelash extensions are not the same as fake lashes. Eyelash extensions add length to human eyelashes to make them appear fuller and longer but very natural. Extensions come in different lengths and can be worn during sleep/showering/exercising. They last for about a month.
I've had eyelash extensions applied at 2 different places. First place at Alaa Beauty by Alaa Dashty and second by Tanya at Tanya salon and the eyelash experience was totally different at both places.

Alaa Dashty: took around 10 minutes to apply the lashes, they are not individual lashes and she only sticks them above your natural eyelashes.
Pros: Gives instant length and volume, no need for mascara.
cons: 1)they felt heavy on my eyes 2) because I usually wear alot of eye make-up, within a few days my lashes looked fake because of the eyeshadow excess that fell on them so I decided to remove them.

Tanya: Took around 2 hours to apply them. The extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes.They provide length and thickness to your own lashes and are available in varying lengths and thickness. They are applied to your individual eyelashes, one lash at a time.
Pros: instant volume, no need for mascara, looks VERY natural. Also, since eyelashes applied are individuals, if 1 falls out it doesn't really make a huge difference (no huge gap).
Cons: takes two hours for eyelashes to be applied

My opinion in general: I do love the effect the eyelash extensions have given me but I'm going to stick to fake lashes just because I can remove them and re-apply them any time. Eyelash extensions would be perfect for those girls who don't like to put eye make-up.

If you do want to apply them though, go to Tanya Salon. They're for 40kd.
Tanya Beauty Salon 22520076 mobile: 99200435

Friday, 20 February 2009

Nothing makes a statement like RED lips

Every Make-up junkie should have atleast 1 red lipstick or so i think.
Theres two that are very popular.
M.A.C's Ruby Woo is a gorgeous matte lipstick. It makes you feel like a 1940s movie star.

Russian Red screams "show-stopping"

If you were going for one, go for Ruby Woo. Anyone can pull off that shade.

NARS.. You make me blush

NARS blush in orgasm is the blush that suits everyone. I just love it, it gives my skin the perfect glow. Definatly one of my favorites. It's the "perfect mixture" of pink and peach and a small amount of gold shimmer. The pink works for cool tones, peach for warm. Plus, it's a blush and highlighter in one.

This is a Mush Have Blush!

You can find NARS in Vavavoom.

Salons In Kuwait

I find myself visting a million salon's searching for the best. Todays post, Ill just put what the salons offer here in kuwait and as soon as i find a professional ill mention them. For now, this is what I have ;-

Best Hair Cuts:
Best Hair Colouring:
Best Hair Stylists:
Best Eyebrows Shaping: Sawphna at Laila harmony never ruined my eyebrows, they always look the same and never thin. I still think there might be someone better out there.
Best Make-up Artist: Alaa Dashti
Best Manicure and pedicure:Tanya at Tanya salon!! I would NEVER do my nails anywhere else.
Best Moroccan Scrub (7amam Maghriby):
Best 7amam Zait:
Best Waxing:
Best Massage:


Thursday, 19 February 2009

Could your pooch become the 'Best Dog In Show' 2009?

Just fill in the application on the PAWS website and attend the Dog show on 20th of March.

NB: Registration to this event closes Monday March 16th 2009.


Bad Hair Cut.. AGAIN

Today I got a new hair cut at TEA ROSE Salon. After hearing so many recommendations and good stuff about that salon I rushed over there as soon as i got their address (see how desperate I am to get a decent new haircut)!!
First off, I hated their location because theres no parking space! Then, when i got inside I found out that there is no staff there! theres just the hairstylist and cashier! Hairstylists name was Pervin. ANYWAY, to the hair cut well what shall i tell you, I'm very disappointed and to make things short, I hated the hair cut. One of the worst i have EVER had.
Atrocious Salon, I DON'T recommend them AT ALL!

I was wondering, does anyone know Anita? the girl who used to work at the Cutting edge? Do you know where she went? Does she still work in Kuwait?

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

New To Eye Make-up?

Not sure what brushes to get? I started off with 4 and they're all by M.A.C.

M.A.C 224 Brush is great to put color in the crease/ blend

M.A.C 217 (MY FAV.) for an all over the lid color(wet or dry) / can be used to put color in the crease/ blending ..its actually the brush that can do everything.

M.A.C 266 brush can be used to fill brows with eyeshadow/ apply liquid liner on the lids/ line your lower lash line.

M.A.C 219 to create that Smokey look in the crease/ to create a defined crease/ and to smudge your lower lash line eyeshadow

M.A.C is located in Marina, Muhallab, Avenues and Al-Fanar.

Proud To Be Kuwaiti

P2BK will be held at arraya ballroom on Sunday the 22nd and Monday 23rd of Feb. There are alot of participants I haven't heard of before so I, for sure will be going to check out this event.

For more information go to www.p2bk.com

Freshness For 7 Days?

Isn't that what we all want??? Well, I purchased this deo. from the pharmacy called Vebix Deo Cream which claims "hygiene and freshness for 7 days" and I was so excited to try it out. Its a little tube which you squeeze and the product comes out.You take a small amount and rub it into the skin.
Well, I tried it and let me tell you, I was sweating in less than an hour! This product is just a waste of money.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Neutrogena Wave

I bought the wave while on vacation but didn't use it until recently. Neutrogena wave is a vibrating head with an attached cleansing pad that gently exfoliates Skin. I did find that their claim of "softer skin in just 1 day" was true because my skin felt smoother, and the soft face feeling is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Your skin will feel softer and smoother after and looks better several days later.
The downsides to this product is that the disposable pads need to be refilled and im not sure they're available here in kuwait, the cleanser in the pads has more fragrance than what i like and it didn't really lather that much and it doesnt remove make up so you have to wash your make up before or after using it.

This goes to love because of the soft face feeling.

Really bad hair cut!

I just got a REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLY BAD hair cut at Laila Harmony (shaab al bahri) by Mariam.
She cut me bangs with lots of layering and now my hair looks so thin! She totally messed up my hair!! I need some recommendations to someone who you think can fix my hair. For any suggestions email me through the "Contact me" on your left. Thank you :)

Monday, 16 February 2009

Does Toothpaste Remove a Zit?

While toothpaste is helpful in drying out a zit, the fluoride in it can actually burn your skin. There are better OTC options for zapping a zit without the potential burn. For a much safer paste that will help resolve a whitehead, try the home remedy of mixing a little cornstarch and water and dabbing it on overnight, says New York City dermatologist Dr. Francesca J. Fusco.

Tanya Beauty Salon

Many salons in Kuwait claim to be professionals at what they do, but in reality they lack the proficiency attained through years of experience. A few months ago, I discovered Tanya beauty salon.

Tanya is a Russian cosmetology nurse and has professional certifications in podomotry, nail art, hand and foot beauty, massage and body care.

Tanya has passion for working with hands and feet. Most salons in kuwait rush a customer to get started on a new one which sometimes leads to cutting to much of the cuticle resulting in cuticles growing out faster. Whereas Tanya's schedule is by appointment only, giving you the privacy that you need and she takes the time she needs. Tanya uses a technique which only cuts dead skin using special tools and uses podometry apparatus for the feet to soften the skin and get rid of dryness. Tanya's artistic flair really flourishes when it comes to nails, offering a variety of creative options with many designs using flowers, butterflies, diamonds and glitter! just sit back in the massaging chair and let Tanya do her magic... You wont be disappointed!

Indulge yourself and let the professionals take care of you.

Tanya Beauty Saloon is located in Bneid algar area next to Le Meridien Hotel. Call 99200435 or 22520976 to book an appointment, reserve at least 24 hours ahead.

S/S 09- Strong brows

Seen on Chanel, Karl Largerfeld and many more.

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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Tyra Revealed her BIGGEST Beauty Secret ever!!

Vaseline! has to be one of my favorite products too!

Heres a list of a FEW ways I use my Vaseline:

1) grow longer thicker lashes by applying a thin coat each night to your lashes.
2) soften your knees and elbows.
3) moisturizes lips, face or any other part of the body.
4) can be used as a mask around the hairline before dying your hair.
5) Use it with eyeshadow pigments.
6) Keeps eyebrows in place.
7) Put Vaseline on your feet at night and cover them with socks to soften feet.

See just how crazy Tyra is about Vaseline
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