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Friday, 27 February 2009

Menstrual Pain (cramps)

Menstrual cramps range from mild to severe. Some periods become nightmares due to their severe cramps. When a woman has severe menstrual cramps the pain is so bad that the woman is literally disabled. They miss work or school, dont eat on the first days, throw up.
I consider those who feel no pain at all lucky. Even if it was just a headache or simple abdomenal pain.

Here are a few ways to reduce this pain


*Get regular exercise.
light exercise can relieve menstrual cramp pain by raising endorphin levels. Swimming or walking can also help alot.

*Eat fish or Any omega 3 products.
(you can get omega 3 products as pills or you can find foods in the supermarket that say "omega-3")

*Vitamin B.

*Drink lots of water and herbal tea to get rid of cramps.
(stay hydrated)

Stay away from

(coffe/ tea/ coke)

*While your menstruating you should avoid eating dairy and beef.

*Stay away cheese burgers and fries (junk food is a big no-no).

*Avoid sweets and chocolates.

The first and often most effective relief for menstrual cramps is an OTC pain reliever like

Aspirin/ buprofen/ Midol/ Ponestan/ Tylenol / Panadol/ Advil

Remember that every woman is diffrent, what works for me might not work for you. I've tried Ponestan, Buprofen, Panadol and Midol but only Midol worked.

When in pain, apply heat to your abdomen (water bottle/ heating pads).

If your period is still painful, its best to see a doctor (gynecologist).

Tell us what you do to reduce period pain!


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