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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Staying at home?

If you've decided to stay at home these 2 days here are 2 girlie ideas u can have fun with. Do for yourself or on others.

Idea 1 using nailpolish

1) Draw Kuwaits flag on your nails. First off, start with a pencil and design how it will look like.
2) Fill in the red and green parts with nail polish.
3) get an earbud and remove nailpolish to make the lines straight.
4) Fill in the center with white nail polish
5) At the tip (where you put the white paint when applying ur french tips) put black nail polis

(pics will be posted later)

Idea 2 using make up

Draw the kuwaiti flag using eyeshadows on your eyelid.
you can do it in many diffrent ways..But i prefer black on crease, red part in rims, green on the edge and white in the center.

Have fun and let me know how things go


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