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Sunday, 31 May 2009

couture cut

remember an old post I recommended couture cut salon? well, I changed my mind about them, I went there 3 times and each time I asked for a diffrent hair styles but ended up with the same one (with diane). Thats not the only thing im not happy about. What I hated most was that even though it was the same hair style, they kept charging me for more (first time I went I payed KD 10 then KD 12 then KD15). Keep in mind its just a natural waves not a hairstyle.

I then decided to try the other girl that works there named Rania. Her (takseer) start from KD 35 and thats not even an updo. I also didnt like that she just does the final touches. A Philipina did the takseer and Rania just did the puff and added a clip and when I asked why I was paying KD35 they said "hathy as3ar Ranya".

The search for a great hair salon in kuwait is still on... any recommendations? Glamour is next on my list.

Pharmacy make over

My birthday is coming up real soon and im not sure what I want to do with my look this year. Theres nothing I can do with my hair anymore and I like to change my make up depending on my clothes or mood. So on my way to the avenues I stoped by the pharmacy and took a look at everything. I love pharmacy shopping because of the unusual stuff I find there. I dont usually go to the pharmacy to get medicine. You can find fake lashes, foundations .. anything and this time I found...

A Professional nose piercing system! I Looked at the package and eveything and it looked easy to do and i got it. This might be the new surprise look for my b-day! I still have to think wether or not I WANT A NOSE PIERCE . Should I get a nose pierce or should I try a magnetic one first to see if I like it or not.. hmm... I dont know.. I''ll update you with my decision..

The Dr. pierce system contains a nose stud in a sterile cassette, piercing instrument, hygenic cleansing towelette and instruction set. ITS FOR THE NOSE ONLY. lol not for prvt places or anywhere other than your nose :p

anyway girls if you want to get this, I got it for KD 6. 650 from Cairo Pharmacy Hawalli right next to plaza Hawalli.

Saturday, 30 May 2009


I've been doing laser for a few years. I first started when I was 15 or 16 because I had alot of ingrown hair and I used to do it at Dr. Talal al ali's clinic in Al shaab al ba7ri. Anyway I went there for a while but I didnt like it because they only had one machine and you would go and wait for ages.

So then I Switched to Dr Sahar Al Qannam, her clinic is right next to plaza Hawalli. I liked the fact that the Dr herself does the laser (she used to) but I didnt like her laser machine! It was painful! I used to do my upper lip and It felt like something was banging on my teeth. So after 2 sessions I quit going there too!

Then I started asking my friends here and there to see where everyone does their laser and if they would recommend the place. One girl told me she goes to Bushihri clinic but she was annoyed that they never pick up the fone so she had to go there everytime just to get an appointment. Next up was a place next to Mcdonals Jabriya I forgot the name of the 3eyada but I went and checked it out but when my friend does her laser there the hair turns yellow and doesn't fall out. shilfayda?

Then I went to Taiba clinic. Which I still go to because I love for many reasons.

1) they have I think around 10 laser machines.

2) You go in the same day and get your laser done (they start giving out numbers from 2 pm if you want to do your laser in the evening).

3) Each time you do your laser session the price reduces. Example when I first did my arm including under arm I paid Kd90 now I think I just pay Kd40. It goes down by Kd10 or Kd5 each session but then stays at a fixed price.

Ofcourse there is a few things I dont like about Taiba clinic too.

1) You cant do more than 1 part of your body per day unless you finish o mako za7ma you then take another number and wait all over again. For example if your doing your leg (this is what annoys me most) you can do either saag or fu5ith.

2) I once got burnt once(ouch)and the marks are still kind of visible :x I did go back and I showed the doctor but nothing was really done. The pic below is part of my hand where i got burnt.

Also I see alot of guys doing laser these days in the clinics they usually get their backs done or ta7deed l7ya. (I had to ask the nurse lol)

Anyway I usually now go back and do laser every 3 months or so and I want to know has anyone done laser and hair NO LONGER comes back out? even after a year?

Alothman seasonal sale.. Today

Alothmans sale starts today .. 30% off.. EVERYTHING!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Happy Shopping

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania/Melissa shoes

I dont know why but im loving these plastic lady dragon shoes. I think they're fun.

What do you girls think? There on www.shopkitson.com for $125


I love playing around with hairstyle/makeover sites. I can spend all day there!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tea Tree Oil

When I was a teenager, I had really bad breakouts and they really bothered me. Somedays I wouldn't go out because of them and somedays if it was only one obvious pimple Id turn it into a mole lol. Im now in my 20's and I still get breakouts every now and then, especially just before 'that time of the month'. So recently I decided to return to my old favourite. Tea Tree Oil (TTO)

Tea Tree Oil has a long history of traditional use. Its leaves were used for healing cuts, burns and infections because of its antiseptic and antifungal properties.

Tea Tree Oil is usually used for;

-Athletes foot
-As an antiseptic

So to treat a nasty breakout recently I used The Body Shops Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick. I applied this gel 2 times a day. I also liked that it doesn't have a strong smell and sinks into the skin quickly.

If you're having trouble with blemishes I'd give this product a try. It really speeds the process (because of the TTO) and also it contains allantion which soothes skin and panthenol which moisturises.

What do you guys use for a nasty breakout?

Saturday, 23 May 2009

mascara correction buds

A friend of mine has these Q-tips which are soaked in make up remover on each end and they're coverd with plastic so that the makeup remover doesn't dry out. I think its a pretty useful tool. They can be very handy at times where your eyes tear, your mascara gets on your skin; they're great for a quick fix up and I think every girl should have this.

If you want to try these, head over to Marks and Spencer. They're for Kd1.750 and you get 24 q-tips.

this is the new look of the box (this is the 1st pic I post on the blog which ive taken yaayy), and now the Q-tips strand its whats filled with the make up remover which you'll have to break... Pretty cool. I have to get this.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

More Make-up!

Todayyy I Got.....

1)Smashbox halo hydrating perfecting powder and brush set from sephora for Kd 17.500

2) No.7 Skin Illuminator from boots for Kd7.500 and if u buy 2 you get 1 free! theres 2 shades pink and peach.

3) 2000 Calorie Dramatic look mascara by Maxfactor which is for just Kd 2.750.

Im so excited to try out these products!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Everyones Talking...

Everyones talking about the Mathew Williamson collection for H&M im sure everything will be sold out on the same day. I wanted all my readers to know that the collection will be in stores Thursday May 14.

H&M is in avenues, marina, infront of fanar and i think thats pretty much it. ;)

Sunday, 10 May 2009


Hey Everyone
Sorry I havent been blogging for a while... still didnt get a chance to fix my camera :(

anyway to keep you updated, I went to tanya salon got my nails done with french manicure and a lovely gold print. LOVE IT!

Also, I Stoped by the coture cut to get a blow dry and guess what... A Staff member did my hair and it was amazing .. i loved it, shes one of the girls that used to work at the cutting edge back when it was a big hit in 2005. Her name is Diane. Anyway she rocks, shell do any hairstyle you want with her own twist and it will look like wow. I highly recommend her to you guys.

makeup hmmmm... what do i have to say about make up. Before the hello kitty collection was out (in kuwait), a limited edition eyeshadow brush was out, its number was 226. I Loved the brush and took it to work with me and used it on some clients. When I went home i washed it (with MAC brush cleanser) I felt that the brushs shape changed. Sooo... I went to MAC fanar and asked for the brush, they said there was never a 226 brush :/ so i went to marina and the girl said its out of stock, she called other brances and they all said the same. so, whoever has the 226brush, you are a very lucky person.

If you want to try couture cut, there number is 257 222 82
and if you still havent tried Tanya salon then your missing out alotttttt ;)
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